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Stamps issued: 1993-PRESENT
For period 1952-1993 see Ethiopia
British occupation, 1941-1952
For period 1936-1941 see Ethiopia, Italian East Africa

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60-cent Building Bridge stamp

A republic in northeast Africa, bordering on the Red Sea. Long under general Ethiopian domination, the area was occupied by Italy during 1870-85. In 1890, Italian possessions in the region were consolidated into the colony of Eritrea. In 1936, Eritrea was absorbed into Italian East Africa. It was occupied by the British in 1941, and overprinted British stamps were used. In 1950, Eritrea became an autonomous part of Ethiopia, and in 1962 was annexed as a province. Eritrea never accepted Ethiopian rule, and after a 31-year civil war, became an independent republic in 1993.

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Stamps issued: 1892-1936

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2-Lire African Elephant single

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