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If you are in Washington DC, you should check out the VERY interesting and surprisingly cool National Postal Museum! I recommend the FREE guided tour to start, because you’ll NEVER be able to get it all yourself. They even give out free collecting stamps to start peoples collections! This museum is flying under the radar - it’s very organized, not too big, and contains so many interesting stories…I will have to go back! Plus cute gift shop!

You wouldn't guess it, but of all the free museums in DC, this might be the best. It is beautiful, very interesting and super engaging. We were blown away! Plus you get free stamps! Totally under the radar!

One of the coolest, most unique and interesting museums in DC. A hidden gem! Definitely worth a visit on your trip.

This museum is remarkable! Beautiful architecture in the building itself, really interesting displays, and interactive activities for kids. My family had a great experience! Would highly recommend for others.

The National Postal Museum is underrated. I was surprised and impressed and the large amount of history on display at the museum. The building is full of great architecture and intricate details. I highly recommend you visit if you’re in the area!

I do have a minor interest in postage stamps, but this place will fascinate most people with any form of curiosity.
(United Kingdom)

Tim gave us an informative and welcoming tour. The stories behind the stamps, Owney the dog mascot, and postal service were intriguing .The location is handy being right beside the Union Station.

I visited the museum with my friend, it's a great place to discover the history of post mail in the U.S. Since the 1600's. It has two floors and many stamp collections. As well it's very secure, my friend lost her phone, she asked the security, it was in the lost and found section.

Yea It is a very innovative effort to tell the past stories of our mails.

Must go even if you are not into stamps and philately. There is so much history behind the postal system.

Visited this as close to Union Station and had an hour or so to spare. Didn't have high expectations but discovered a delight. Even if you have no interest in stamps this beautiful building provides some great insights into American history. As ever with the Smithsonian, the standard of display is exemplary. Masses of exhibits but displayed in such a way as to not overload you. Very hands on and hugely interesting.
(United Kingdom)

I am interested in stamps but this is also a very good visit for the family. There are opportunities to start collecting stamps. There are interactive activities where you can design your own stamp and email it home.

Not only are the exhibits extremely interactive and fun, but the staff is beyond friendly and do a great job of explaining things. We (a group of young adults) had a fantastic time, and truly learned a lot. Please add this to your list of must-visit museums on your DC trip!

We had visited many of the major museums in D.C. and decided to go into the Postal Museum based on others' reviews. We were so glad we went in. It is a very interesting place!
(Nevada, USA)

I was TOTALLY ENCHANTED AND AMAZED. A truly wonderfully thought out interactive, educational and informative excusion into the history of our postal service, its origins and reach into every corner of the development of our country. A family from Japan kept busy creating their own unique stamps. Myself, a lover of Amelia Earhart since I was a child, spent time watching archival footage, other fellow travelers found lots to explore about the history of stamps.
(Rhode Island, USA)

I was flabbergasted at how fascinating this museum is! Who would think that the history of our postal system could be so interesting?
(New York, USA)

Postage, mailing a letter, eh. So. Boring. NOPE!
(Montana, USA)

You don't have to be a stamp collector to enjoy this museum. First of all, this place is huge and there is something for everyone, in addition to the stamps. Just keep wandering around and you will find trucks, planes, trains, and yes, even a stagecoach. Don't walk by the vertical drawers. You won't believe what they contain--a letter/envelope that survived the Hindenburg, a postcard mailed from Auschwitz, a letter mailed on the Titanic (it was taken off the ship in France before the crossing), a mail card taken from the body of a man who died on the Titanic. . In another section there is mail that was postmarked on the cool is that!! There are mailboxes from all over the world including one that amazingly survived the 9/11 attacks in New York. There is a terrific little gift shop downstairs with something for everyone. I only wish we had had more time to explore. We will definitely return.
(Maryland, USA)

This is a hidden gem. This little museum packs a ton of great and interesting exhibits.
(Minnesota, USA)

This stop was way better than expected. The displays were great and ranged from the pony expess to modern day mail. There was a nice display about the mail delivered during the wars and had some nice stories from soldiers. There was a nice collection of vehicles including planes, cars, semi's, stagecoachs, and more. They had some great artifacts from the World Trade Center and collection boxes from various natural disasters. Nicely interactive with something for everyone. Worth a stop.
(Michigan, USA)

Well worth a visit. There is a lot to see here. It is not just stamps.
(Ohio, USA)

Love it! The collection here is awesome and I've never been so excited about other people's mail!
(Maryland, USA)

A lot more fun than I expected. Bring your camera because there's a lot of displays to model with. Fun stamp collection on the first floor - collect and discover stamps around the world.
(California, USA)

This is a great museum and I am glad it is still somewhat of a hidden treasure!
(California, USA)

This place R-O-C-K-S!!!!! I know what you're thinking, "Postal Museum?? Really? Can't think of anything more boring." BUT you couldn't be more wrong!
(Maryland, USA)

Free museum and tour right next to the Union Station metro. My friend and I caught the 1pm tour on a Monday. The tour was over an hour but it was really fantastic.
(Virginia, USA)

This museum is right across the street from Union Station and the perfect place to spend a little bit of time while waiting for our train. The building itself is beautiful, and I was impressed the moment I walked in.
(New York, USA)

This museum was great! It's free, full of interesting facts, and nicely put together. My husband and I were just in DC for the weekend and stopped by the museum after checking out Union Station and we were blown away with how good it was! Definitely recommend to check it out when you're in DC, you won't be disappointed.
(Minnesota, USA)

Loved this museum. It is located by union station so it easy to get to from public transportation. I really liked looking at all the stamps and found the exhibit really unique and cool.
(Michigan, USA)

I enjoyed exploring this lovely museum that is right next to Union Station. It is quite extensive with lots of offerings that are both informative and interactive.
(Distric of Columbia, USA)

Discovered this place walking out of the train station right next door. A little off the tourist trail of The Mall, this is a nice museum to explore and learn the history.
(California, USA)

The National Postal Museum is one of the best-kept secrets in DC and easily my favorite museum.
(Virginia, USA)

I liked reading and learning about the history about how stamps and mail got started and how it evolved over the years. There's plenty of things to see. It's not just a building with a huge stamp collection inside, I promise!
(Virginia, USA)

The museum did not disappoint. The National Collection, in a climate controlled walnut panel room tucked away in vertical filing cabinets, was extensive. I nearly screamed in ecstasy like a crazy football fan at the sight of not one, but two upside down Flying Jennies. I also couldn't contain myself when I saw the first 1847 issues of the American postage stamp.
(California, USA)

I think there are quite a few folks out there who take the postal service for granted, but the National Postal Museum does a wonderful time of defining the timeline and history behind its service and how it all began.
(California, USA)

Gets my stamp of approval!
(Distric of Columbia, USA)

This is a museum that you don't expect to be worth going, but it actually was. Coming to this museum made me realize how important the postal service has been to our nation. It was informative, interactive, and easy to navigate. Conveniently close to the metro station, it is a small gem in a city rich with history.
(Arizona, USA)

This is a MUST SEE! One of my favorite Smithsonian Museums. FREE admission! Right next to Union Station.
(California, USA)

My Mom and I made a trip to DC from Maine and we visited the Postal Museum on our second day in town. It was pretty awesome...
(Maine, USA)

The Postal Museum is definitely worth checking out. There are several very cool exhibits.
(Ohio, USA)

One of the most underrated Smithsonian Museums! It is a bit farther away from National Mall, but this place is so much fun!
(California, USA)

I love this museum and my friend (who is not inclined towards stamps or postal-related things) thoroughly enjoyed his experience as well.
(Maryland, USA)

A museum devoted to boring stamps? Not at all. This is fun, educational,easily accessible (next door to Union Station) and worth the visit just to see the beautiful architecture and grandeur of the building.
(Virginia, USA)

This is my favorite museum because it is so hands on. I never thought that I would be interested in the history of the postal service but lo and behold, I was fascinated! My friend and I had a blast taking every opportunity we could to take pictures with statues and other exhibits. I also found it very interesting to see how it evolved from horseback to train.
(Distric of Columbia, USA)

I am a college student interning on the Hill and when my friends & I passed this place we decided to stop in. It was our first museum while being in D.C. and let me say I have been here for half a year and this was by far the best museum in D.C.!! It was interactive and FREE! I thought it was just going to be literally an old post office, but it was so much more! You have to check it out if you're in the Capitol Hill area!
(Distric of Columbia, USA)

Hubby and I thought we would spend an hour just looking at stamps.....4 1/2 hours later we were finally ready to leave. This is truly a hidden gem. It is very interesting, with many displays, items from the beginning of mail.....prepare to be amazed!
(Florida, USA)

All of the museum was really well done and I guarantee you will learn some little known facts. Loved the Post Secret exhibit!
(North Carolina, USA)

I loved this museum! They even let you pick 6 stamps out of a few piles to get you started collecting stamps!
(Idaho, USA)

My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon spent here. Admission is free and there are quite a few hands-on displays. There is also a nice little gift shop on the lower level.
(Colorado, USA)

I have to say that I was more than pleasantly surprised at the National Postal Museum. Frankly, this is one of the most interesting exhibits in Washington and one from which I learned a lot.
(District of Columbia, USA)

We were shocked! Spent a lot more time there than we had planned on. Could have spent a lot more. Very convenient, to Union Station.
(New Jersey, USA)