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Republic of Madagascar

Stamps issued: 1958-PRESENT

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80-franc The Ship of Lesnoie single
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30-franc Lemur Variegatus single

A large island in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. During the 19th century, most of the island was united under the Hova tribe, which was placed under French protection in 1885. In 1896, the native monarchy was abolished and Madagascar became a French colony, at times administering French island possessions in the area. In 1958, Madagascar, renamed the Malagasy Republic, became autonomous within the French Union. In 1960 it became fully independent. French influence remained strong until a 1972 coup brought a socialist regime to power. The new government nationalized French holdings, closed down French military bases and a U.S. space-tracking station, and obtained Chinese aid. In 1990, multiparty politics, banned in 1975, were again legalized. France and the United States remain the country's chief trading partners.

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Precedent Countries:

Stamps issued: 1889-1957

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1-franc Hova Woman single

Stamps issued: 1894

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20-franc Navigation and Commerce single

An island off the east coast of Madagascar. Occupied by the French in the 17th century, it was a French colony until 1898, when it was attached to Madagascar.

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Stamps issued: 1890-1894

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5c inverted surchage on 10c stamp of French Colonies single

A port at the north end of Madagascar, Diego-Suarez was a French colony and naval base from 1885 to 1896, when it was attached to Madagascar.

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Stamps issued: 1889-1894

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1fr surcharge and overprint on 5c stamp of French Colonies single

An island in the Indian Ocean, lying off the northwestern coast of Madagascar. Nossi Be was a French protectorate until 1898, when it was attached to the colony of Madagascar.

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Stamps issued: 1884-1886

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2p British Consular Mail single

International Philately