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Stamps issued: 1962-PRESENT
For period 1902-1961 see Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

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5-cent Murchison Falls single

An independent state in East Africa. Formerly a British protectorate, Uganda became independent in 1962. In 1971, Gen. Idi Amin seized control of the government. His administration was erratic and blood-thirsty. Some 45,000 East Indians were expelled in 1972, disrupting the economy, since much of the commerce had been in their hands. In 1973, the United States broke relations with Uganda, and most Western nations suspended aid, which was replaced by Soviet and Libyan support. During the next few years, some 300,000 Ugandans were killed, all opponents or suspected opponents of the regime. This reign of terror, along with generally poor government administration, reduced the Ugandan economy to a shambles. In March 1979, after a period of increasing tension, Uganda was invaded by a Tanzanian force, supported by Ugandan exiles. In April, Amin was forced to flee the country, and found asylum in Libya, one of the few nations with whom he had remained on friendly terms. A provisional government was established to administer the country and to normalize Ugandan affairs. There followed a decade of political instability and civil war. In recent years, conditions have stabilized under a popular regime, which has liberalized the economy and restored a measure of prosperity.

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Stamps issued: 1861-1902

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5-rupee Queen Victoria single

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