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Stamps issued: 1966-PRESENT

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35-cent Cuffy slave rebellion memorial single

A republic on the northeast coast of South America. Formerly the colony of British Guiana, which became independent in 1966. The republic was established in 1970. Guyana's boundaries with Venezuela, which had claimed half of the country, were settled in 1989, but Guyana's boundary with Suriname remains in dispute. Since 1981, Guyana has issued a bewildering variety of stamps. Some 4,000 issues (through 1998), including a large number of provisional overprints on obsolete stamps, as well as the productions of several different agents, have been created for sale to collectors.

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Stamps issued: 1850-1966

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6p Indian Arrow Fishing single

A former colony on the northern coast of South America, British Guiana became an independent republic in 1966, assuming the name Guyana. Early issues of British Guiana include a number of major rarities, among them "The World's Most Valuable Stamp," the 1¢ black on magenta of 1856. This stamp is unique and has passed through the hands of some of the giants of philately.

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