U.S. Stamps Quiz

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These founding fathers appear on the first U.S. postage stamps.


a) George Washington and Thomas Jefferson


b) George Washington and Benjamin Franklin


c) George Washington and John Adams


The 24-cent inverted airmail stamp, commonly known as the "Inverted Jenny" is among the most valuable stamps to stamp collectors. What was the name of the collector who first purchased the sheet of 100 stamps from the postal service?


a) Colonel Green


b) J.W. Scott


c) William Robey


Another famous inverted stamp appeared in 1986. The sheet of stamps was discovered by the employees of which federal agency?


a) The CIA


b) The FBI


c) The NSA


On May 1, 1901, a series of stamps went on sale that celebrated modes of transportation and the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. Which of the following modes of transportation did NOT appear in that series?


a) Electric Car


b) Train


c) Stagecoach


While attempting to land at the U.S. Naval Air Station at Lakehurst, N.J. on May 6, 1937, the German zeppelin Hindenburg burst into flames while landing, and crumpled to the ground. How many pieces of mail were rescued from the disaster?


a) 257


b) 357


c) 457


The first philatelic item in the Smithsonian Institution was donated in 1886. What was it?


a) The first U.S. stamps


b) A Penny Black


c) A pane of 10-cent Confederate stamps


The first piece of mail that was flown across the Atlantic was carried on the NC-4, a Navy aircraft that flew from Halifax, Canada to Lisbon, Portugal. The craft and its crew landed twice on their journey, first in Newfoundland and later in the Azores. What year was this flight?


a) 1919


b) 1924


c) 1929


Who has been featured on more U.S. stamps than any other individual?


a) George Washington


b) Abraham Lincoln


c) Benjamin Franklin


In 1934 the Post Office Department issued a stamp celebrating the mothers of America. Whose mother is pictured on the stamp?


a) George Washington's


b) James Whistler's


c) Franklin D. Roosevelt's


Who is the first American woman to have been depicted on a U.S. stamp?


a) Martha Washington


b) Betsy Ross


c) Molly Pitcher


Hundreds of topics have been featured on U.S. stamps. Which of the following has not (yet) been the subject of a stamp?


a) The poultry industry


b) The American Bar Association


c) Moby Dick


When were the first federal U.S. postage stamps issued?


a) 1837


b) 1847


c) 1857


Who was the first African American to appear on a U.S. stamp?


a) George Washington Carver


b) W.E.B. DuBois


c) Booker T. Washington


What year did the first U.S. Christmas stamp appear?


a) 1952


b) 1962


c) 1972


Which U.S. President, a stamp collector, so enjoyed the hobby that he provided the Post Office Department with his own sketches for stamp designs?


a) Theodore Roosevelt


b) Franklin D. Roosevelt


c) Lyndon Johnson


In 1978, the U.S. Postal Service began its popular Black Heritage stamp series. Who was the first individual honored in this series?


a) Dr. Martin Luther King


b) Benjamin Banneker


c) Harriet Tubman


The 1990 Classic Films stamp series was very popular. Which film was NOT included in the series?


a) Beau Geste


b) The Wizard of Oz


c) Citizen Kane


Stamps celebrating the Olympics continue to be popular with the American public. The first U.S. stamp to honor the Olympics was issued for the 3rd Winter Games. Where were they held?


a) Chamonix, France


b) Lake Placid, New York


c) Squaw Valley, California


Individual American sports heroes did not find their way onto U.S. stamps until 1981. Which two champions were celebrated on U.S. stamps that year?


a) Babe Zaharias and Bobby Jones


b) Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig


c) Knute Rockne and Francis Oulmet


What was the highest denomination of the three Graf Zeppelin air mail issues of 1930?


a) $2.60


b) $2.00


c) $1.30


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