Hands-On Activities

Handmade Envelopes

Learn all of the steps for making your own handmade envelopes from magazines, catalogs, or newspapers! Detailed directions for three assorted sizes—two standard greeting card sizes and one standard letter size—are provided.

Make Your Own Mailbox

Just for Kids!
Common supplies found at home can easily be used to build your own paper mailbox!

How to Make a Time Capsule

Watch this instructional video to find out how you can make your own time capsule out of business reply envelopes and other household supplies.

Thank Your Mail Carrier Coloring Pages

Show your gratitude for the mail and package carriers working hard to keep us connected with these downloadable coloring pages. Display your finished sign on your window, mailbox or door as a message of support and thanks.

"Fad to Fundamental" Airmail Flight School

In the early years of flight, it took imagination and perseverance to get airplanes in the air and to keep them flying. Put yourself into the role of an airmail pilot by reading these stories and completing these activities.

Stamp Decoupage

Postage stamps are beautiful pieces of miniature art that can be used in a variety of craft projects. Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to use canceled stamps to decoupage, or create a collage, with objects already in your home.

Make Your Own Postcard

Making a personalized postcard is a quick craft that showcases your creativity. Using these easy step-by-step instructions, you can write and design a one-of-a-kind piece of mail art for your loved ones to enjoy!

Make Your Own Mailbag

Just for Kids!
Use these easy to follow instructions to make a paper mailbag to deliver mail to loved ones at home.