Postmaster Challenge

Test your knowledge of postal history and philately!


Continue the phrase: Neither snow nor rain nor...


a) Sleet and fog


b) Heat and smog


c) Gloom of night


What does ZIP stand for?


a) Zoned Interior Postage


b) Zone Improvement Plan


c) Zero Increase in Postage


What is not a criteria for a US stamp?


a) Primarily features American-related subjects


b) No living person may be honored


c) A Love stamp must be issued every year


Who was never a U.S. postmaster?


a) Cliff Clavin


b) William Faulkner


c) Abraham Lincoln


Paper bits punched from perforated stamps are called?


a) Stamp holes


b) Chad


c) Imperforates


When did Parcel Post Service begin in the U.S.?


a) 1893


b) 1946


c) 1913


Cranes holding mail bags were set up next to railways to...


a) Weigh mail before putting it on the train


b) Let trains pick up mail without stopping


c) Alert engineers to stop for the mail


Which animal has not moved mail in the U.S.?


a) Bear


b) Camel


c) Ox


What mail did a mob burn in Charleston, SC in 1835?


a) Anti-religious tracts being delivered on the Sabbath


b) Anti-slavery newspapers


c) Catalogs and advertisements


Stamp collectors know a FDC is...


a) A Finely Decorated Cover


b) The First Document Canceled


c) A First Day Cover


Who was the first American woman on a U.S. stamp?


a) Amelia Earhart


b) Susan B. Anthony


c) Martha Washington


The most famous U.S. stamp error is an upside down illustration of...


a) A train


b) An airplane


c) The U.S. Capitol building


Which of these pilots regularly carried mail on her flights?


a) Harriet Quimby


b) Amelia Earhart


c) Bessie Coleman


When was the last run of the Railway Mail Service?


a) 1947


b) 1977


c) 1967


What do stamp collectors mean by the term "cover"?


a) An envelope


b) The charge for buying a stamp by auction


c) The markings on a stamp


How fast did pneumatic tubes carry mail underground?


a) 17 mph


b) 25 mph


c) 35 mph


When did the U.S. government issue its first stamps?


a) 1840


b) 1892


c) 1847


Some stamp collectors specialize in EFOs, which are...


a) Envelopes Franked by Officials


b) Errors, Freaks and Oddities


c) Expensive, Folded or Original


Star Routes are...


a) Contract mail routes


b) Mail routes for celebrities


c) Star-shaped postal routes


What color were Postal Service vehicles and mailboxes from 1920s to 1940s?


a) Red


b) Blue


c) Green


R.F.D. stands for...


a) Rural Free Delivery


b) Regular and Frequent Delivery


c) Rightly Forwarded Delivery


The Pony Express ran between...


a) New York and New Orleans


b) St. Joseph and Sacramento


c) Kansas City and Los Angeles


Which American was portrayed on a stamp while still alive?


a) George Washington


b) Franklin D. Roosevelt


c) Jefferson Davis


Which mail-carrying airplane was built first?


a) de Havilland 4


b) Pitcarin Mailwing


c) Trimotor


"Ding" Darling was important in postal history because...


a) He created the first U.S. stamps


b) He designed the first Federal Duck stamp


c) He was the youngest Postmaster General in history


Which U.S. president collected and designed stamps?


a) Franklin Roosevelt


b) Jimmy Carter


c) Richard Nixon


Which nation produced the first postage stamp?


a) Italy


b) Great Britain


c) United States


"Box" Brown got his nickname from shipping himself in a container because...


a) It was cheaper than going by train


b) It was a publicity stunt


c) He was escaping slavery


May Pierstaff was...


a) The first woman on a U.S. postage stamp


b) Mailed as a parcel post package


c) A heroic letter carrier


The Postal Inspection Service can trace its roots back to...


a) 1865


b) 1810


c) 1772


What doesn't carry the U.S. mail today?


a) A mule train down the Grand Canyon


b) A hovercraft in Alaska


c) The Pony Express in California


Which country didn't Owney the traveling mail dog visit?


a) Germany


b) China


c) Japan


Who was the first Native American on a U.S. stamp?


a) Pocahontas


b) Red Cloud


c) Sitting Bull


The King's Best Highway, an early American postal route, is now known as...


a) Route 66


b) Route 1


c) The Chisholm Trail


What reason was given for firing postmaster Mary Katherine Goddard in 1789?


a) She made fun of the Postmaster General


b) She was horrible at her job


c) She was a woman


What are "Postmaster Provisional" stamps?


a) Stamps that can only be used by postmasters


b) Stamps created by local postmasters


c) Stamps featuring postmasters as subjects


One thief was nicknamed "Jack in the Box" because...


a) He hid in a box in a plane's cargo hold to rob the mail


b) He hid behind mailboxes to rob people


c) He hid his loot in mailboxes


Which phrase was not used by railway clerks designating a train route?


a) The Thief & Crook (Theif River Falls & Crookston, MN)


b) The Love & Gun (Loveland & Gunnison, CO)


c) The Sin & Saint (Cincinnati & St. Louis)


Which President segregated the postal service?


a) Woodrow Wilson


b) Abraham Lincoln


c) Theodore Roosevelt


How many annual requests does the Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee receive for stamp subjects?


a) About 5,000


b) About 12,000


c) About 25,000


A mint stamp...


a) Was issued by the U.S. mint


b) Is green


c) Has not been used


A tagged stamp has...


a) Phosphor added to it


b) Been canceled


c) Part of another stamp still attached to it


The average lifespan of a U.S. airmail pilot in the 1920s was...


a) 1100 flying hours


b) 900 flying hours


c) 5000 flying hours


The most money ever stolen from a U.S. mail train was...


a) $50,000,000


b) $260,000


c) $3,000,000


How fast did Railway Mail clerks have to sort letters to keep their jobs?


a) 600 letters per hour


b) 150 letters per hour


c) 75 letters per hour


Which was not mailed in the first two years of Parcel Post Service?


a) A child


b) An insect


c) A dog


Who didn't carry the U.S. mail?


a) Slim Lewis


b) Parcel Pete


c) Snowshoe Thompson


Which was not used by U.S. Airmail Service pilots as a navigation aid?


a) Radar


b) A cigar


c) Train tracks


What did it cost to mail a 1/2 ounce letter from New York to Oregon in 1847?


a) 27 cents


b) 40 cents


c) 12 cents


How did Pony Express riders carry the mail?


a) In saddle pockets


b) In backpacks


c) In paper bags


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