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Madam C.J. Walker

32-cent Madam C.J. Walker stamp
The Madam C.J. Walker stamp was issued on January 28, 1998.

At a time when few opportunities were available to African American women, Sarah Breedlove (later Madam C.J. Walker) (1867-1919) made herself a household name. One evening she dreamt of selling hair products to cure baldness and made her dream a reality. With the help of her husband and daughter, Madam Walker sold her hair products and cosmetics door-to-door. Her business quickly expanded, becoming one of the country’s largest African American-owned businesses. She became the first American female millionaire. The success of her business created opportunities for thousands of black women in beauty shops across the nation. Madam Walker was also a dedicated philanthropist and political activist, supporting education, veteran’s issues, political rights and equal opportunity for African Americans.