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Hazel Wrightman

25-cent Hazel Wightman stamp
The Hazel Wightman stamp was issued July 6, 1990.

Hazel Wrightman (1886-1974) led women’s tennis in the early 20th century and was known for her unparalleled sportsmanship. Hazel began playing tennis in 1902, before it was a popular women’s sport. During her long career, she won dozens of titles in singles, doubles and mixed doubles competitions, including U.S. championships in all three categories from 1909-1911. She considered among her greatest victories the two gold medals she won in the 1924 Olympic Games. Hazel created the Wightman Cup, an international women’s amateur competition that continues today. Hazel continued to play tennis throughout her life, winning her last national title in doubles at the age of 56.