Health, Education, Science, Aviation, and Athletics


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The 3-cent Mothers of America Issue stamp featuring "Whistler's Mother" was issued on May 2, 1934.

The American women featured in Women On Stamps: Part 2 showcase the contributions of numerous women to health, education, science, philanthropy, aviation, and athletics. Many of these women were pioneers in their fields providing the opportunity for others to expand upon their successes. The women honored on U.S. postage stamps left a legacy of public service that continues to influence the lives of Americans today.

Women in Stamps: Part 2 is part of a series exploring the accomplishments of women depicted on U.S. Postage stamps. Other virtual exhibitions in this series explore women’s role in American culture, highlighting their contributions to art, literature and film.

Created by Lauren Golden, Web Intern, and Christine Mereand, Web Volunteer Coordinator, National Postal Museum.

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