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Juliette Gordon Low and the Girl Scouts

3-cent Juliette Gordon Low stamp
The Juliet Gordon Low stamp was issued on October 29, 1948.
4-cent Girl Scouts stamp
The 4-cent Girl Scouts stamp was issued on July 24, 1962.

Juliette Gordon Low (1860-1927) founded the Girl Scouts of U.S.A., an organization that has inspired and taught countless girls for almost a century.

22-cent Girl Scouts Achievement Badges stamp
The Girl Scouts Achievement Badges single was issued on March 12, 1987.

After working as a Girl Guide leader in the United Kingdom, Juliette returned to the United States and formed the first American Girl Guides (later renamed Girl Scouts) troop in 1912. The first troop registered 18 girls; today the organization has over 3.7 million members. Girl Scouts uses a variety of activities to help girls learn skills for the future and to provide service to others. Through their programs they promote confidence, courage and camaraderie among young women and girls. Juliette was deeply committed to the group, always wearing her Girl Scout uniform and recruiting girls wherever she went. Her legacy was honored in 1979 when she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.