Women in the Performing Arts

Fanny Brice

29-cent Fanny Brice stamp
The Fanny Brice stamp was issued August 29, 1991.

Fanny Brice (1891-1951) is one of the most outstanding early female comedians. Brice first achieved fame as a vaudeville actress, and then worked with the well known Ziegfeld Follies theatrical shows group. Brice’s most well known character is “Baby Snooks,” a self created character that was sneaky and cunning. In addition to her comedic career, Fanny Brice is also well known for the Broadway musical, Funny Girls, which was based on her life story. Because of her contributions to comedic acting, Fanny Brice remains an iconic female comedian to this day.

The Postal Service issued a Fanny Brice stamp in Hollywood, California. The stamp was designed by Al Hirschfeld who also did the art work on the stamp. Hirschfeld illustrated Brice as her iconic character Baby Snooks. The stamp is part of the Comedian Commemorative Issue, and Brice is the only woman honored in the issue.