Women in the Performing Arts

Ethel Merman

29-cent Ethel Merman stamp
The Ethel Merman stamp was issued September 1, 1994.

Ethel Merman (1908-1984) is another important figure of the Broadway stage. Merman had a very successful career on Broadway and performed leading roles in famous musicals such as, Girl Crazy, Annie Get Your Gun, and Hello Dolly. In 1950 Merman’s success in Broadway was acknowledged when she won a Tony for her work in Call me Madam. In addition to her work on the stage, Ethel Merman also appeared in many movies.

The Post Office Department used celebrity endorsements to promote ZIP Code. One of the celebrities was Ethel Merman. She volunteered her talents to sing a ZIP Code promotional jingle to the tune of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah around 1963. Mr. Zip appeared in a television spot introducing ZIP Code in which Merman’s voice is featured.

Ethel Merman sings the ZIP Code song

Ethel Merman: Welcome to ZIP code, learn it today. Send your mail out the five-digit way.