Stamps That Changed the World

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Learn more about the British royal family and about the hobby of stamp collecting by checking out the following list of selected books, Websites and fun activities.

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  • Graham, Tim (photographer) and Patricia Burgess. Queen Elizabeth II: A Celebration of Her Majesty's Fifty-Year Reign. [comprehensive photographic biography]
  • Barton-Wood, Sara. Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch of Our Times. [biography appropriate for grades 3-6]
  • Ross, Stewart. The Little Queen: The Amazing Story of Queen Victoria. [picture book for preschoolers]
  • Green, Robert. Queen Victoria. [biography appropriate for grades 3-6]
Stamp It: The Ultimate Stamp Collecting Activity Book
Stamp It: The Ultimate Stamp Collecting Activity Book
  • Jonath, Leslie. Stamp It: The Ultimate Stamp Collecting Activity Book. [a fun book for beginning stamp collectors]



Design a Mulready

The Mulready envelope, named for the artist William Mulready, who designed it, is an example of early postal stationery - similar to the modern aerogramme - where the stamp or "indicia" is printed on a large, die cut sheet of paper that becomes both the letter and the envelope when folded and sealed.

Examples of Mulreadys on this website »

Create your own Mulready envelope and send it in the mail to a friend! Begin by folding a sheet of paper in thirds; then draw a design in the outside, center section. Remember to leave space for the name and address of your friend. Open up the folded paper and write the letter inside. When that is finished, remember to seal the paper with a sticker or a piece of tape. Now write the address on the outside, add a stamp and put it in the mail! Don't forget to include your name and return address in the upper left corner of the face of the envelope or on the back.

Draw Your Own Stamp

England's royal family has been portrayed on many postage stamps. You can find many different examples on this website.

Visit Kristen Ollies's collection of stamps that portray Elizabeth II »

stamp border

Draw your version of one of these stamps. Or create a stamp of your own design that portrays a member of your family.

Download and print a border for your stamp design