Celebrating Lincoln through Stamps and Postal History

1864 Election

1864 Lincoln Presidential Campaign Cover
1864 presidential election campaign cover featuring President Lincoln and his nominee for Vice President Andrew Johnson as the "Union Standard Bearers for 1864"

Amidst the bloodshed and chaos of the Civil War, the Union faced a presidential election. President Lincoln ran for a second term but replaced Vice President Hamlin on the ticket with Andrew Johnson, a War Democrat. This critical segment of the Democratic Party supported the war effort and the Republicans sought to gain their support in the 1864 election. Lincoln and his running mate supported a quick end to the war, the abolition of slavery and reconstruction of the southern states following the end of hostilities. Lincoln’s opponent, General George McClellan, ran as the nominee for the Democratic Party, which wanted to end the war and accommodate the Confederacy. President Lincoln defeated General McClellan in the election winning twenty-two states to McClellan’s three.

Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address
Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address; endorsed by Lincoln, April 10, 1865, March 4, 1865; Series 3, General Correspondence, 1837-1897; The Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division (Washington, DC: American Memory Project, [2000-02]).