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Baseball: America's Home Run

Celebrate the Century was a series of 150 U.S. postage stamps issued between 1998 and 2000. Each decade of the twentieth century was represented by a sheet of fifteen stamps featuring major events that influenced American history, art, or culture. Seven baseball moments were highlighted across six decades, ranging from the first World Series in 1903 to setting new baseball records in the 1990s.

Polo Grounds subway train sign, 1940s; Brooklyn Dodgers National League Champions canvas banner, 1955; Roy Campanella Brooklyn Dodgers road jersey, 1955; and the Yogi Berra New York Yankees road jersey, 1951
33 cent World Series Rivals Celebrate the Century Series stamp art, 1999

New York dominated baseball in the 1950s, fielding three major league teams for most of the decade. At least one New York team played in every World Series between 1950 and 1958, and five of those series pitted the American League’s New York Yankees against either the Brooklyn Dodgers or New York Giants. These became known as “Subway Series” because fans could ride public transit to all the games.

stamp art showing Roger Maris swinging a baseball bat

A 1960s stamp commemorates the race between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle to break Babe Ruth’s record of sixty home runs in a single season, set in 1927.

Giants baseball jersey

Chief curator Daniel Piazza shares intimate knowledge, little-known facts and secrets about the stories told in “Baseball: America’s Home Run,” highlighting some of the spectacular objects on display, including discussions with key lenders to the exhibition on artifacts never-before displayed for pubic view.

Baseball: America’s Home Run