Allan Lee Collection of Map Stamps: Volume 6

Maps and Their Elements
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3.50e Vasco da Gama's Route to India stamp

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70c Naval Hydrographic and Navigation Institute souvenir sheet

Allan Lee’s collection of maps on stamps represents thirty-four years of collecting passion. The intensive historical and cartographic research that he and his assistant, Wilfrid Webster (d. November 1975), conducted took years to compile, document, and authenticate. Lee traveled to 110 countries and corresponded with their national libraries and archives in this pursuit. He even “[read] Captain Cook’s log book to determine if some of the discoveries attributed to him were accurate. Some were not.” It is the completeness of the collection and this level of research that makes his work absolutely unique.

When the twenty-six volume collection was donated to the Smithsonian in 1977, Lee had amassed every known stamp (almost 7,500 examples) listed by Scott Catalogue through 1973 [some were actually issued as late as 1975-76]. Lee had also acquired “every other map stamp that is known to me with the exception of a label used on the flight from London, Canada to London, England and some Essays which are known to exist but which I have never seen.” The volumes contain not only regular federal issues but also essays, locals, semi-officials, revenues, railway, telegraph, military, and even some fantasy stamps. Almost all are in mint condition; most have never been hinged. Only three rare and unusual covers are part of the collection.

He then arranged these stamps into topical areas for interpretation: e.g. Political Disputes, Islands, Errors & Varieties, Genesis of the U.S.A., Old Maps, Routes, World Maps, Hemispheres, Continents, Nations, and Oceans. One of these was ‘Maps and Their Elements’ which comprises all of Volume 6. Lee used 185 international stamps to illustrate map projections, scale, relief, rhumb lines, portolanos, aerial surveying, compass roses, orienteering compasses, and map symbols. His final authoritative source for cartographic information in this text was Richard R. Furno of the Cartographic Division, National Geographic Society.

For expediency Lee’s last three topics have been dropped from this exhibition. His original text for the first seven topics has been minimally edited (only when necessary to aid readability); and his illustrative examples of stamps have been limited to one or two where he had four to eight per topic.

Created by Allan Lee; edited by Mary H. Lawson, National Postal Museum


Mapas y sus elementos
La colección de mapas en sellos de Allan Lee representa treinta y cuatro años de pasión por el coleccionismo. La intensa investigación histórica y cartográfica que él y su asistente, Wilfrid Webster, llevaron a cabo tomó años para compilar, documentar y autenticar. Lee viajó a 110 países y mantuvo correspondencia con sus bibliotecas y archivos nacionales en esta búsqueda.

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Mapas e Seus Elementos
A coleção de mapas de selos de Allan Lee representa trinta e quatro anos de paixão por colecionar. A intensa pesquisa histórica e cartográfica que ele e seu assistente, Wilfrid Webster, realizaram levou anos para ser compilada, documentada e autenticada. Lee viajou para 110 países e se correspondeu com suas bibliotecas e arquivos nacionais nessa busca.

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