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Washington DC stamp showing a map and pictures taken in the city

37-cent District of Columbia stamp

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Image: 37-cent District of Columbia stamp

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A recap of a special collaborative program with President Lincoln's Cottage exploring grief. 

The White Wagons

October 1, 1896 was a banner day in America’s postal history. In West Virginia, wagons set out for the first time to pick up and delivery mail in rural America, heralding what would become the popular and still operating Rural Free Delivery service.

Autogiros and the Mail

A rural letter carrier made news when he landed his gyrocopter on the US Capitol grounds in a protest call for campaign finance reform. The carrier was immediately arrested and did not have a chance to deliver his protest mail. This was not the first time such a device was used to carry the mail. Although it was the first wildly unsanctioned one.

100th Anniversary of the DC City Post Office Building

September 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Washington, DC city post office building.