The Pony Express Delivers


By Erin Blasco, Public Programs Coordinator

Though it only lasted about 18 months, the Pony Express made a long lasting mark on American memory and pop culture. As the museum celebrates the 150th anniversary of the start of the Pony Express, we’re looking back at the true story of the Pony Express as well as the kitschy movie posters and dime novels that spread their own fanciful tales.

So far, we’ve taken teachers and students along for a ride in an interactive game called “Moving the Mail West,” discussed the 1935 re-ride of the Pony Express by the Boy Scouts of America, opened a new exhibition called Romance vs. Reality, launched an online virtual exhibition called “Remembering the Pony,” taken a closer look at the most important part of a Pony rider’s equipment, and had lots of Pony Express fun with a family festival of epic proportions.

But for some people, simply learning about the history just isn’t enough. For members of the National Pony Express Association, Inc., nothing short of getting in the saddle and re-living the Pony Express experience will satisfy.

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A member of the National Pony Express Association

On Wednesday, April 14th, join the National Pony Express Association as they discuss the ways in which they honor and celebrate the Pony Express today. Find out about the 1983 “Slide Ride” when members of the organization saddled up to ride the mail between two California towns made inaccessible by an avalanche, the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay Ride, the history of the organization, and other stories from the trail. After the talk, take a look at items they’ve collected along the way, from a mochila to an Olympic torch.

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Commemorative covers collected by the National Pony Express Association