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Owney the dog with tags

Owney was a scruffy mutt who became a regular fixture at the Albany, New York, post office in 1888. His owner was likely a postal clerk who let the dog walk him to work. Owney began to ride with the bags on Railway Post Office (RPO) train cars across the state . . . and then the country! The RPO clerks adopted Owney as their unofficial mascot, marking his travels by placing medals and tags from his stops on his collar.

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Preserving the Real Thing: An Interview with Owney the Dog’s Taxidermist

One of the biggest things happening this summer at the Postal Museum is the much anticipated new exhibit and postage stamp issuance for Owney the Dog, mascot of the Railway Mail Service. As part of the exhibit, Owney is getting conservation treatment or what we’ve been referring to at the museum as his “makeover."

Owney Embarks on his Makeover

Owney the Railway Mail Service dog traveled again this week! The old dog is getting a “makeover” to preserve and improve his appearance in preparation for a new exhibit and the release of his US postage stamp. Read on to learn about how trip to the taxidermy studio and the creatures he's met there!

Owney’s Summer Adventure

Owney the dog, rail-riding mascot of the Railway Mail Service, has been a faithful fixture of the Postal Museum atrium, guarding the train car and delighting visitors since 1993. This summer, the traveling mutt will hit the road again and this week is your last chance to wish him “happy travels” until his return. This week, Owney will leave exhibit to undergo conservation work. He returns in July to a new exhibit, festival, and the first day of issue ceremony for his postage stamp.

Countdown to Owney (#3)

Owney was a common mutt, recognized as at least part terrier. If not for his national fame, he would have had no place at a dog show (called “Bench Shows” at the time). Not only did he attend some, but was the star attraction of at least two such shows, including the large 1893 Los Angeles show.

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Owney Collection Objects

Discover all the Owney objects in our collection, including the many tags and the souvenir spoon commissioned by a group of Cleveland, Ohio, postal clerks for Owney.

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Toy Owney the Dog For Sale at Museum Shop

Now you can buy an Owney! Approximate size is 12 x 6 x 6 inches. 
To order, please contact the Museum Shop.

Owney's Facebook Page

Owney shares photos, fun facts, answers questions, and more. Find out where Owney traveled on today's date in history. Many of Owney's posts are useful for classroom teachers.