L. W. Christenson’s Specialized Collections of Taiwan (Formosa) and the Treaty Ports

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1888 First Commercial Postage Stamp used on a letter

Prepared by Thomas Lera, Winton M. Blount Research Chair, The Council of Philatelists Research Committee, Michael Rogers and H. James Maxwell.

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1894 sheet of five with control character BIO with Red Square Chop for the Taiwan Sub Station


This specialized collection of L.W. Christenson of Taiwan (Formosa) from 1886 to 1895 and certain of China’s Treaty Ports are contained in five albums and two gray boxes.


The five-volume collection was a bequest from L. W. Christenson, finalized on November 6, 1970 (Accession Number 289220). There are 9,869 items contained in the five albums, labeled Volumes 1 to 5, and two gray boxes.


This specialized collection includes two albums of the first issues of Taiwan (Formosa) and three albums of the Chinese Treaty Ports of Chefoo, Foochow, ChinKiang, ChungKing, Hankow, IChang, Kewkiang and Nanking, and the HaiNan – Samah Land Post and Wei-Hai-Wei Courier Post. There are also two gray boxes with folders containing large multiples and post office sheets, mainly of Kewkiang Treaty Port, and stamp stock book pages.