Resources found in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum Library are:

  • Farley, James A. Jim Farley’s Story: The Roosevelt Years. 1948. Whittlesey House, New York. 388p.
  • Advertisements inviting proposals for carrying the mails in regulation panel or screen motor vehicles, or steamboat or other power boat routes, or on star routes in the various states from various dates between July 1, 1934 and June 30, 1944, from the Post Office Department, James A. Farley, Postmaster General.
  • Various Files in NPM library archives: Reports from state chairmen on flights made by women pilots. Radio address by James A. Farley about  the  achievements of National Airmail Week. General correspondence to and from James A. Farley. Correspondence about and scripts used for radio broadcasts. Printed copy of James A. Farley's radio address of 04/02/1938. Copy of a letter from Franklin Roosevelt to James A. Farley wishing success for National Air Mail Week. Letter to patron explaining why the Post Office Department could not endorse a campaign to have citizens send letters with local cachets to the President. Copy of The Postal Bulletin 04/05/1938.
  • Campaign for the Celebration of National Air Mail Week, May 15 – 21, 1938, Resume of Activities. Albert Goldman, Postmaster New York State Headquarters, New York, N.Y. 65 p.
  • History of the Air-Mail Service. (N.Y.P.O. 3-25-38). Albert Goldman, Postmaster, New York, N.Y., New York Chairman for National Air Mail Week. 11p.
  • NAMWHS Journal: National Air Mail Week, May 15-21, 1938 (CD-ROM). Drabyk, Jon E. and National Air Mail Week Historical Society, 2007.
  • The Postmaster General Does His Duty. Trenchard, Herbert A., 1996. American Philatelist (Article)