Haywood Music Collection

Finding Guide
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1959 First day cover, Vienna Philharmonic (Volume 1, page 19)

Prepared by Amelia B. Kile, Volunteer Research Assistant and Thomas Lera, Winton M. Blount Research Chair. Based on indexical compilation by Joseph Geraci.

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Advertising cover, E.O. Excell, Chicago, Illinois (Volume 14, page 22)


The Haywood Music Collection is a broad compilation of thematically organized stamps, covers, commemorative sheets, and more philatelic objects. Themes presented in the collection include composers, performers, musical instruments, festivals, and music industry.


Like many others, this collection came to the National Postal Museum from the Smithsonian National  Museum  of  American  History‟s  National  Philatelic  Collection.  Dr.  Charles  Haywood donated part of his personal collection in 1984. It then consisted of 16 albums with 5,168 objects. Now, the philatelic material is divided into 22 separate albums.

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Bagpipes, Czechoslovakia (Volume 14, page 40)
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Parades and Marching (Volume 21, page 2)


Dr. Charles Haywood, a music professor in New York at Queen‟s College, was inspired to begin collecting when he noticed music-related stamps in his son‟s collection. The collection represented here does not include Haywood‟s entire collection, which encompassed larger material, like proofs. However, the collection does include stamps, covers, and commemorative postage from a large number of countries and cultures. From Bach to Ella Fitzgerald, from the violin to the bagpipes, these albums represent years of collecting and a broad approach to music, illustrated in the stamps of many countries from the early 19th century to the mid 20th century.

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First day cover, Italian broadcasting, 1958 (Volume 1, page 46)