This portion of the finding guide was prepared by Dr. Michael Plett and Kenneth Gilbart, J.D.

George W. Brett Background:

Box 1. Biographical Documents, Photographs, Awards, and Library Box 1a. Hugh M. Southgate Notebooks
A separate finding guide has been prepared for these notebooks. See: Finding Guides

Box 1b. Xerox copies of Volumes
Photocopied set of Hugh M. Southgate papers (index plus volumes xl-9) Box 1c. Xerox copies of Volumes
Photocopied set of Hugh M. Southgate papers (volumes 10-17) Box 1d. Xerox copies of Volumes
Photocopied set of Hugh M. Southgate papers (volumes 18-24) Box 1e. Xerox copies of Volumes
Photocopied set of Hugh M. Southgate papers (volumes 25-26)
Five audiotape reels of a symposium sponsored by the Bureau Issues Association and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing at the Washington Jubilee Exhibition. The Jubilee Exhibition was a stamp show held October 19-23 at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Washington Philatelic Society. In addition to the audiotape reels, there are CD-ROMS containing digitizations in 96k/44.1 .wav format and audio CD format. The digitization was performed by Peter Reiniger, Sound Production Supervisor at Smithsonian Folkways.

Voices heard:

  1. Reel #1 – Sol Glass (BIA); George Brett (BIA); Donald C. Tolson (Superintendent, Postage Stamp Division, BEP), Charles E. Deery (Controller, BEP)
  2. Reel #2 – Donald R. McLeod (Superintendent, Engraving Division, BEP)
  3. Reel #3 – Donald R. McLeod, Louis A. Miller (Superintendent, Plate Printing Division, BEP), Chester J. Harucki (Assistant Superintendent, Postage Stamp Division, BEP)
  4. Reel #4 – Jack I. Lowd (Chief, Office of Reproduction and Surface Printing, BEP); Frank G. Uhler (Chief, Office of Research and Development Engineering); George Brett
  5. Reel #5 – Sol Glass, George Brett Box 2. Diaries and Trip Notes

Student notebook with addresses and what appears to be Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) notes
Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee material Notes on visit to European stamp printers Catalog listing committee notes and photos Half of a dozen notepads
File: “Contacts week of…” 1954-55 File: “Contacts week of…” 1960s,
Box 3. Diaries and Trip Notes
File: “Contact week of...” 1956 to 1960 contained in eight binders. Visit to BEP 1977


Organized by decade:

Box 4. 1930s
Box 5. 1930s (cont.) and 1940s Box 6. 1950s
Box  7. 1960s
Box 8. 1970s
Box 9. 1980s and 1990s

Organized by last Name of Correspondent

Box 10. A and B
Among others it includes: Stanley Ashbrook, Warren Bauer, William Bayliss, Alfred Boerger, Winthrop Boggs, R. A. Bryant, Henry Bucher, William Bush,

Box 11. B (cont.) and C
Among others it includes: Don Bakos, Russell Baker, James H. Baxter, Walter Bluver, Ronald Burns
Box 12. D, E, and F
Among others it includes: Ken Diehl, Loran C. French Box 13. G, H, and I
Among others it includes: Laurence Gifford, Nathan Goldstein, James Hatcher, Jack Harvey, Herman “Pat” Hearst, Stanley Hodziewich, John Hotchner, Harry Hueber
Box 14. J, K, and L
Among others it includes: Clyde Jennings, Jim Johnson, Morton Joyce, Norman Kempf, W. R. Kern, George Klein, Frank Kovarik, Robert Ladd, Ken Lawrence, David Lidman
Box 15. M, N and O
Among others it includes: Robert Master, Walter McIntire, J. W. McLemore, Van Mozian, Barbara Mueller
Box 16. P, Q, and R
Among others it includes: G. William Patten, Gilbert Peakes, Lou Robbins Box 17. S, T, U, and V
Among others it includes: Stan Segal, William Schall Box 18. W, X, Y, and Z
Among others it includes: Larry Weiss, J. F. Westerberg, Roy H. White, William O. Wylie, Charles H. Yeager, Mrs. Conway Zirckle

Organized By Entity:

Box 19. American Philatelic Society (APS)
GWB Collected Works Binders: APS Seminar 1985 Binder: APS Seminar 1987
Correspondence concerning 1989 talk at APS headquarters Binder: American Philatelic Research Library
Box 20. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
Selected BEP letters 1894 – 1895
BEP 1894 - 1910
Binder: Correspondence with BEP
Binder: BEP press releases which are printing related
Stamp research, Pat Paragraphs material, Geological stamp records Binder: BEP 100th Anniversary
Letters to BEP BEP Files
Box 21. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Binder: Selected BEP letters 1891 to 1894
Binder: Postage stamp die and plate records early BEP Binders: Miscellaneous BEP material

Binder: BEP 100 year highlights 1894-1994 Binder: BEP 100th Anniversary prints
Binder: 100th anniversary of postage stamp production BEP 1894-1994 Report of Committee investigating the BEP -- 1897-1899
“The Bureau” BEP house Organ Box 22. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Annual report of Director of BEP 3 years Information about plate finishing from the BEP
Box 23. Bureau Issues Association (BIA) (now U. S. Stamp Society)
BIA correspondence: official and miscellaneous and financial reports Box 24. Bureau Issues Association (now U. S. Stamp Society)
BIA official correspondence
Box 25. Bureau Issues Association (now U. S. Stamp Society)
BIA correspondence: Bob Masters, Sol Glass, Larry Weiss, Esther Sullivan, Richard Thompson, and Gary Griffin
Box 26. Bureau Issues Association (now U. S. Stamp Society)
BIA Correspondence: Charles Yaeger, Al Bluver, Morris Merkur, John Stark, Richard Hall, and others
Box 27. Bureau Issues Association (now U. S. Stamp Society) Binder: BIA reprints Vol. 1, 2, 3
Folders: BIA correspondence

United States Stamps:

Box 28. U. S. Post Office Department (USPOD) Files Bill Books of U S Post Office Dept.:
o  Vol. 1 1870 – 1875
o  Vol. 2 1876 – 1880
o  Vol. 3 1881 – 1884
o  Vol. 4 1884 – 1888
o  Vol. 5 1889 – 1893
o Vol. 6 1893 – 1897
Bill book entries from 1870 to March 1895
Records of Departmental stamps issued from 1875 to 1884 Binder: Quantities issued 1900-1980
Binder: Out of the ordinary entries US stamp bill books 1870-1897 Binder: US Post Office Bill books about Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippine Islands
“Accountable paper” (equivalent to 1870s Bill Books) 1985 to 1994 Box 29. U. S. Post Office Department (USPOD) Files

  1. Wierenga Reprints: PMG Reports 1841 – 1873 (except 1855-56 and 1871-72)

Box 30. U. S. Post Office Department (USPOD) Files USPOD correspondence in 1851 – 1852 Letters to and from BEP 1893 -1895

Selected letters received by USPOD 1893 – 1895 Selected letters sent by the USPOD 1893 – 1896 USPOD legal correspondence
Disputes between Charles Steel and American Bank Note Co. about postage contract during 1893 to 1898 time frame
Correspondence with Bank Note Companies Miscellaneous papers and letters to the POD
Distribution of 1847 issue and correspondence with Toppan Carpenter Copies of specimen covers
Transcriptions of the Bill Books
Transcriptions of Post Office Correspondence 1842 to 1860s by Wilson Hulme
Box 31. U. S. Post Office Department (USPOD) Files General Correspondence with POD Toppan Carpenter 1851 – 1861 National Bank Note Co 1861 – 1873
Continental Bank Note Co. 1873 – 1879 American Bank Note Co. 1879 – 1894
Miscellaneous letters: Information about plates and stamp production & designs
Box 32. U. S. Post Office Department (USPOD) Files Binder: Reminiscences of a US Postal Clerk Miscellaneous photographs and USPOD announcements USPOD Request for Proposals
Feasibility of a proposed USPOD exhibit Past practices of the USPOD
Box 34. Stamp Design and Preproduction
Binders: Miscellaneous notes about design and production Binder: Siderography or transferring die images to printing plates Binder: Gravure and miscellaneous techniques and inks
Binder: Miscellaneous notes about line engraved printing Binder: Printing methods and transfers draft
Glossary of terms Photos
Box 35. Stamp Design and Preproduction
Binder: US postage stamp contracts and visits to US stamp printers Binder: Transferring (Siderography in line engraved intaglio printing)

Binder: BIA Research Paper – Dummy stamp book Binders: Pre-press
Binder: Electrolytic plates Box 36. Stamp Design and Preproduction
Drafts about factors affecting the size of stamps History of engraving
Stickney press files Photostats of plate layouts
Photographs of printing equipment List of captions for BEP photographs
Box 37. Stamp Design and Preproduction
Booklet: Reducing, enlarging, and transferring designs New issue designs
Hardening steel
BEP Request for Proposals for a rotary press BEP large scale plate engraving

  1. S. Plate Varieties Committee Box 38. Printing Presses

Binder: Commercial printing – Gravure Binder: Nine color web-fed intaglio press Binder: Stickney rotary printing press Assorted printing press patents
Photos of printing presses Draft Giori Press
Binder: Laser printing
Binder: Cottrell plate layout marks – by Michael Courteney Giori Press drafts
History of Rosback printing machines
US Patent for wiping engraved printing plates Nine color web fed intaglio press draft
Box 39. Printing Presses
Binder: Commercial printing – letter press, line engraved, intaglio impressions
Information about printing Glossary of graphics terms
Binder: Notes on the size of stamps Box 40. Printing Presses
Binder: Intaglio press nomenclature Binder: Gravure
Binder: Letterpress
US Patents and articles about printing presses Brett article about printing

Box 41. Printing Presses
U. S. Patents for printing presses and other equipment Notes about the Giori press
Box 42. Paper and Gum
Binders: Paper specification standards Paper, ink, and printing methods
Binder: Paper #1 Pamphlets and copies of material about paper production Binder: Paper #2
Binder: Paper #3
Binder: Paper #4
Binder: Copy of “The First 175 Years of Crane Papermaking” Paper Specification Standards
Box 43. Paper and Gum
Binder: USPS shipments of fiscal stamp Paper 1967 to 1991 Paper study
BEP Request for Proposal for paper (November 12, 1964) Box 44. Color and Inks
File containing material about printing inks History of graphic design
BEP colors and hues Binder: Ink #1
Binder: Ink #2
Correspondence with Roy White Binder: Color #1
Binder: Color #2
Binder: Printing ink technology and application Brett article about color
Copy of “Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy” Box 45. Color and Inks
Binder: Color
Binder: Applied infrared photography, using photos for evidence, halftone graphics -- all Kodak products
Binder: Chemistry and technology of printing inks Box 46. Production Processes
Binder: Gum
Binder: “Imperforate Problem” draft Binder: US Perforations
Perforations study “Variations on a theme”
Binder: “Beginning of Postage Stamp Production at the BEP” drafts Binder: Printing methods and technology
Binder: “Printing Methods and Techniques” photo copy of Final #2 Binder: “Printing Methods and Techniques”
Binder: “Printing Methods and Techniques” photo copy of Final #1

Binder: Technology and practices in the printing industry French multicolor intaglio printing draft material
1900s photos of stamp production Photo of a perforating machine
Daily production equipment operational summary 9/8/1989 BEP Box 47. Production Processes
Binder: Gravure chatter marks
Binder: Commercial printing – new and future material Binder: Stamp printing
Binder: Commercial printing – miscellaneous printing methods Binder: Double impressions and offset printing
Binder: Study of “white spots” Binder: Commercial printing
Binder: Doubling of printing of some US Revenue stamps Photos of perforating machine
Box 48. Production Processes
Binder: Microphotography
Binder: Technical Education and Center of the Graphic Arts File about Perforations
File about fake perforations
Binders: History of commercial printing companies Box 49. Production Processes
Binder: Micro photography
G. Brett notes on printing stamps Photos of facer-canceller machine Commercial printing
Binder: Safety of materials Binder: Post-printing operations
Binder: Printing shows and brochures (educational) Binder: Slurs, bounders, and slips
Binder: Alternate methods of stamp production
Binder: Reference and want list for printing and associated items Notes and photo of coil press
Copies of articles
Printing outlines by G. Brett Box 50. Coils and Booklets
Booklet pane layouts Dollar booklets
Insured parcel post booklet
Correspondence and notes about Americana 16¢ horizontal coil Binder: US Coil and sheet waste issues. A lot of catalog copies
Box 51. Coils and Booklets
Notes about US Coils
Paste-up coils: Photos and article about production

Box 52. Plate Numbers
Binder: Star and A plate markings
Binder: Study with Roy White on Plate Margin Strips BEP requests for quotes on gum, paper for 1956-7
Box 53. Plate Numbers
Plate number notes Postage stamp plates
Box 54. Plate Numbers
Plate Number information
Binder: BEP plate number check list 1 to 20,000 Plate Numbers
Binder: Collecting and studying US plate numbers Box 55. Scientific Philately
Binder: Application of scientific disciplines and technique Binder: Introduction to scientific philately No. 3
Binder: Introduction to scientific traditional philately No. 2 Binder: Introduction to scientific traditional philately No. 3 Binder: Scientific philately No. 1
Binder: APS Seminar on stamp technology approximately 1980
Binder: Scientific philately applications – collection tools, equipment, and techniques
Binder: Scientific philately – background sciences Binder: Philosophy and logic
Binder: Metrology or the measurement of size Writing, scientific philately
Binder: Introduction to scientific philately – outline Box 55a. Scientific Philately
Binders: Scientific Philately Vol. 1 to Vol. 7. No Vol. 6 Box 55b. Scientific Philately
Binder: Introduction to the advanced study of US stamps Binder: US Postmarks and Cancellations
Binder: Fraudulent techniques and “improvements” Binder: Intro to Scientific Philately rough drafts
Box 56. Essays and Proofs
Binder: Essay proof correspondence – Ron Mueller and Ron Burns Binders: US multiple subjects including US dies
Binder: Tentative list of US stamp dies Binder: USPOD dies 1001-1500 Binder: Pan Pacific Small Die Proofs Bill books and Post Office Dies
Binder: Types dies and reliefs of US postage stamps Binder: USPOD dies 1-500 and 501-1000
Binder: USPOD dies 1-500 up to 1910 probably an article on the subject Binder: USPOD dies 501-1000

Binder: USPOD dies 1001-1500 Binder: USPOD dies 1501-2000
Binder: Correspondence related to the Harry S. New large die proofs and Henry Mandel biography from Essay Proof Journal Vol. 2 #1
Box 57. Essays and Proofs
Binder: Essay and Proof nomenclature and definitions Binder: USPOD Checklist of transfer rolls
Binder: Correspondence K. G. Taira about 3¢ 1851 Binder: Proofs special printings 1866 to 1884 (Really great correspondence files from PO & Banknote companies.)
Box 58. Essays and Proofs
Photo Essays of 20th Century stamps
George Ewing plate layouts of 20th Century stamps Vol. 1 George Ewing plate layouts of 20th Century stamps Vol. 2 George Ewing plate layouts of 20th Century stamps Vol. 3 Early proofs and regular issues 1922 - 1965
Box 59. By Issue Unsorted
Folder: Farley’s Follies
Stamp photos of Charles Evans Hughes issue Folder: C3a Inverted Jenny
Binder: Self adhesive Christmas Stamp 1974 Folder: Die cutting pressure sensitive stamps Articles about flag stamps
Stamp photos Folder: 15¢ 1869
1976 bicentennial souvenir sheet Small size stamp experiment 1978 Montana/Wyoming Statehood stamps
Box 60. By Issue Unsorted
Binder: Reentry at the BEP – 15¢ Cody 1988 Binder: US 1990 Love Stamp
Binder: Printing of the US Overrun Countries issue Binder: 15¢ 1869
Binder: $1 CIA Invert
Binder: 15¢ Cody Stamp printing sleeve Geological Survey Stamp
Box 61. By Issue Unsorted
Binders: Philatelic scrapbooks (Eugene Stull) Folders: 1960s commemoratives
Box 62. By Issue Unsorted – First Bureau Issues
Binder: 3¢ Jackson 1894
Binder: BEP Review first issue 1894
Binder: BEP postage stamp forerunners 19th Century Binder: Workbook US 1890-1898

Binders: BEP review first issue 1894
Box 63. By Issue Unsorted – 1851 Issue to Banknote Issues Binder: US Series of 1851
Toppan Carpenter envelopes
First draft manuscript “United States the Banknote Issues of 1870 - 1890”, by Winthrop Boggs
Folder: 3¢ Banknote secret marks Folder: 15¢ Banknote 1870 - 1890
Folders: Notes about the Banknote Issues of 1870 - 1890 Binder: Banknote issues of 1870 - 1890
Binder: General mixed issues 1870 - 1890 List of die numbers 1847 - 1894
Box 64. By Issue Unsorted – Third Bureau Issue
Binder: 1918 3ct offset type 3
Binder: US Series 1908 - 1910 – Working Materials Binder: BEP Stamp History
Articles and notes on Washington Franklins Box 65. By Issue Unsorted – 1922 – 1965 Regular Issues
Binder: US Series of 1922 Binder: US rotary or flat plate
Binder: US Presidentials Series of 1938 Binder: Pencil notes on 1938 Presidentials
Binder: Notes on Plate Numbers for 1938 Presidential Series 30ct Deep Blue Presidentials
Binder: US Liberty Series of 1954
Binder: US Prominent Americans Series of 1965 Binder: 8ct 1954 Liberty bicolor issue
Box 66. By Issue Unsorted – Pre 1900 Commemoratives
US Columbians 1893 – printing methods and techniques Binder: US Columbians back up material #1
Binder: US Columbians back up material #2 Binder: US Columbians 1893, 1992
Binder: 1893 Columbian correspondence USPOD and BEP Box 67. By Issue Unsorted – 1847 Issue
Brett 1847 Article background information save
Binder: Articles and Rough Drafts of BIA article for 150th anniversary Binder: Postmaster General Reports for 1847
Binder: 1847 legal official abstracts 1847 dies and prints
Box 68. By Issue Unsorted – 1847 Issue
Binder: Correspondence between USPOD and Rawdon, Wright, Hatch, Edson
Binder: Notes about the 1847 Issue Auction Catalogs

Correspondence notes, update for article G. Brett wrote 10ct 1847 notes
Box 68a. By Issue Unsorted
Binder: Specialized US study & collecting Binder: Opinions general
Binder: Miscellaneous
Department of Interior Geology Stamp Binder: Law on Living Persons on Stamps Galley proofs from Bureau Specialist Gibbons catalog of BEP varieties
Stanley Gibbons 1915 and 1916 US checklist and others Plate number coil catalogs
Miscellaneous old pricelists and catalogs Mixed bag of photos and information Binder: Color and modern stamps
Box 68b. By Issue Unsorted
Photos attributed to Stanley Ashbrook Photos of Post Office Exhibit
Binder: Law on living persons on US stamps Binder: Introduction to the study of US stamps Binders: Miscellaneous
Binder: Fakes including alterations Binder: US design size measurements Binder: Mekeel’s Reference Manual
Box 69. By Issue Unsorted
Miscellaneous files Miscellaneous binders Notes about articles
Miscellaneous correspondence
Miscellaneous copies and clippings from philatelic publications Magazines and pamphlets
Photos modern stamps Souvenir Sheets
Fakes and con men Box 70. Back of the Book
Binder: Airmails
Binder: US Trust Territories
Binder: BIA Research Paper – “Printing History of US Postage Dues” Binder: US war books
Binder: US franks, meters, and permits
Binder: 1865 US Newspaper and Periodical Series Binder: US Revenues


Box 71. Published and Unpublished Writings
Binder: Handwritten notes on early US plates Binder: Notes on plate numbers for modern stamps Binder: Handwritten G. Brett Notes
Binder: Embryonic studies
Binder: Draft of “Printing US Stamps” Binder: Printing technology late draft Binders: Printing of Postage Stamps draft Binder: Printing Outlines
Binder: Published and unpublished writings Vol. 1 Binder: Published and unpublished writings Vol. 2 Binder: Published and unpublished writings Vol. 3 “Stamps in the Making” Draft and speaking notes
Box 72. Published and Unpublished Writings
Binder: “How Many Stamps Are Too Much?” 52nd Philatelic Congress Book
Clipped articles and topics Various notes
Box 73. Published and Unpublished Writings
Binder: Copies of articles and books about 19th Century stamps Binder: Printing, editing, and publication
Copies of various articles and pamphlets Copies of specific auction lots
Binder: Copies of articles about US Stamps Box 73a. Published and Unpublished Writings
Binder: Fakers and con men Copies of various articles
Box 73b. Published and Unpublished Writings
Copies of various articles
Box 73c. Published and Unpublished Writings Precancel reports
Binder: Philatelic and related organizations Binder: The Philatelic Journal of America 1917 Binder: National archives references National Archive microfilm publications Various other
U. S. Government publications List of army APOs
Box 74. U. S. Post Office New Issue Notifications 1930s to 1950s Box 75. U. S. Post Office New Issue Notifications 1950s to 1980s
Box 76. U. S. Post Office New Issue Notifications 1960s to 1970s and Philatelic Division Box 77. Miscellaneous Photographs
Box 78. Miscellaneous Photographs

Foreign Countries:

Box 79. Foreign Countries
Binder: Handbook of Cuba Binder: Cuba 1899-1905
Photo proofs of French Italian and Austrian stamps Binder: Grace Kelly Monaco
Box 80. Foreign Countries
China and Australia
Binder: Mainland China 1908-1928 Binder: Stamp production Australia
Binder: Stamp production other than US or Australia Vol. 1 Binder: Stamp production other than US or Australia Vol. 2 Binder: Stamp production other than US or Australia Vol. 3 Binder: Croatia
Copy of One Penny Black stamp production Netherland stamps brochures

The Canal Zone portion of the finding guide was prepared by Dr. Richard Bates. Details of each box are taped to the inside lid.

Canal Zone:

Box 81. Binders – File A
Tatelman “scrapbook” - developing text of book (maybe Dade- Schay)
Copy of original typescript - perhaps Tatelman book 1 or 2 “An Epic in Adventure 1855 - 1955 The Panama Railroad” by Tatelman
Typescript copy #4 of Dade-Schay manuscript - later evolved to Canal Zone (CZ) Stamps
Tatelman - notes on CZ issues. This probably evolved into Tatelman's book
Red leather binder with Brett name embossed. A draft of Dade contributions
Brett's notes on origin and location of errors and varieties on US stamps
Issues of Canal Zone Philatelist (CZP), notes, auctions catalogs, CZ notes
Box 82. Large Items, Binders and Oversized – File B
Manuscript and notes about Cali, Barranquilla, and agencies at Panama
Interesting background about essays and proofs Predominantly clippings & materials about “Via Panama” by DeVoss

A useful compilation of clippings and publications
Manuscript and notes about Cali, Barranquilla, and agencies at Panama, second binder
Changes to postal guide 1946, Post Offices opened and closed including Navy postal markings
Binder with copies of various communications and published items Photos blown up for illustrations of minor variations
Scrapbook of clippings Printing process
Box 83. Issues in Stamps
File C1 - CZ Issue 1 - Weiler list of first series covers, compiled in 1950s
File C2 - CZ Issue 12 Map - Calculation of numbers of various varieties
File C3 - CZ Issue 21 - On Hamilton Bank Note fakes
File C4 - CZ Issue 40a - Conger article including background File C5 - CZ Issue 86, 93 - 5c Roosevelt double transfer. Also notes about 30c
File C6 - CZ Issue 115 - Orville Milburn about Gilbert Stuart’s portrait of Washington
File C7 - CZ Issue 115 - Orville Milburn article on relief break File C7a - CZ Issue 115 - Wardwell about Stuart plate varieties c. 1937 including inquiries, status of errors and varieties
File C8 - CZ Issue 136 - Meade Bolton design materials (1/2c, 1½c, 25c regular issue)
File C9 - CZ Issue 139 - 5c Stevens design including original artwork
File C10 - CZ Issue 139 - Of Stevens for stamp, also G. Brett Navy papers
File C11 - CZ Issue 141 - Barro Colorado material
File C12 - CZ Issue 141 - Barro Colorado stamp including first day cover controversy
File C13 - CZ Issue 142 - Essay sketch gold rush stamp and PO Official Seal with handwritten notes
File C14 - CZ Issue 142 - Bolton's progressive essay of the Gold Rush Series
File C15 - CZ Issue142-5 - Gold Rush Series sketches, photos on which sketches are based
File C16 - CZ Issue 142-5 - Development items and photos for Gold Rush Centennial 1949
File C17 - CZ Issue 147 - Panama railroad , including 1955 100th Anniversary material
File C18 - CZ Issue 147 - New issue related information about Roosevelt and the Panama railroad stamps

File C19 - CZ Issue 148 - Meade Bolton essays for 1948 Gold Rush
File C20 - CZ Issue 157a - Related to Harris suit about missing bridge variety
File C21- CZ Issue 157a - Missing bridge File C22 - CZ Issue C7 - Issue of 6c Airmail
File C23 - CZ Issue C25a - DeVoss about discovery of C25a File C24 - CZ Issue C25a - Correspondence with DeVoss about 31c imperforate C25a
File C25 - CZ Issue C25a - DeVoss with various remarks on origin of C25a (light sensitive thermal copy.)
File C26 - CZ Issue C25a – Canal Zone Study Group (CZSG) details and material about C25a imperforate airmail
File C27 - CZ Issue C32 - Design materials for Caribbean School Air Mail Stamp
File C28 - CZ Issue C36 - Panama Canal Review about 50th Anniversary Issue and note from Unruh about souvenir folders File C29 - CZ Issue J1 - Three notes about Greene postage dues sheets J1-3 by position
File C30 - 2c Postal card essay and members of CZ Stamp Committee
File C30a - Notes about postal card varieties
File C31 - “Bliss Postage Dues Provisionals”, Bliss article in Stamps June 11, 1949
File C32 - Charlat's writing on CZ Officials
File C33 - Proofs, orders, and destruction orders of CZ Officials File C34 - CZ Issue Officials 01 - Official and CZ style official proofs
File C35 - Progression of proofs for PO seals, 1954
File C36 - Various proofs, various stamps, card, posters, proofs; 2c Roosevelt stamp
File C37 - Material about CZ booklet panes
File C38 - Information on layout of 3c Goethels booklets
File C38a - Draft write-ups by multiple people about booklet pane positions
File C38b - Greene correspondence with Taylor about early provisional booklets and second class permits
File C39 - New issues related announcements and clippings File C40 - Interesting correspondence with Conger especially about fake perforations
File C41 - CZ perforations - information from Panama Canal Press File C42 - Greene correspondence with Doyle about booklet pane covers, storekeeper’s perforations, and original source information File C43 - Brett CZ Plate Nos. list. Overprint US stamps by plate number

File C44 - Notes and tables about printing plate numbers, positions File C44a - Frank Halsey correspondence ,1934-7, about CZ plate varieties
File C45 - 1946 material about precancels, drafts, and letters File C46 - Notes and correspondence about precancels
File C47 - Notes and preliminary manuscript on precancels
File C48 - CZ Precancels topics: proofs, letters, notes. Valuable source material
File C49 - Several blocks of CZ precancels with letter from Tatelman about potential scarcity
File C50 - CZ Precancels proofs, various dates File C51 - CZ Precancels Proof, 9/2/53 version File C52 - Stamp issue announcements
File C53 - First days postal card and some random covers File C54 - Postal stationery
File C55 - Correspondence with S.N. Shure, Martin, Dahl, Slawson about CZ stationery
File C56 – Correspondence with C.A. Seward, 1934, about CZ postal stationery
File C57 - Correspondence with George Slawson and first edition “US Postal Stationery”
File C58 - Material about making postal stationery envelopes in early 1950s
File C59 - Brett about air mail stationery dies File C60 - Registration stamp envelope
Box 84. CZ Correspondence and Miscellaneous
File D1 – Renumbering revisions for the Scott catalogue
File D2 - Significant correspondence with Harmer about revising catalogue
File D3 - Brown folder: CZ Checklist for Minkus Catalog File D4 - Material about early days of the CZ Study Group File D5 - Brett correspondence related to CZSG including his advice on Canal Zone Stamps
File D6 - CZ Correspondence with Hamilton Bank Note (Security) and American Bank Note Co
FileD7 - Letter from Perry to Coleman, 9/30/04
FileD8 - Brett miscellaneous correspondence with Tatelman and Conger
FileD9 - Conger correspondence with DeVoss about fakes with certificates of authenticity
File D10 - Notes on precancels letters, etc.
File D11 - Letter from Tatelman to Brett. Second last paragraph significant
File D12 - Brett correspondence with Tatelman about first series essays

File D13 - Brett correspondence with Dade, 1950
File D14 - Brett correspondence with Tatelman, c. 1959
File D15 - Brett ideas for papers, drafts, important correspondence, requests for information
File D16 - Important Brett correspondence with Plass and Brewster about discoveries
File D17 - Brett correspondence with Tatelman, late 1950s
File D18 - Brett correspondence with William Hodge (PO), 1935- 37, about printing and packaging of stamps
File D19 - Brett correspondence with Gerald Bliss, 1956 File D20 - Brett correspondence with Greene, Tatelman, and Cassibry
File D21 - Miscellaneous good correspondence - Greene, Brett, Bartels
File D22 - Greene correspondence with William Wirtz and then his son
File D23 - Greene correspondence with Sheibley a judge in CZ 1904-1906. Correspondence from 1937-53
File D24 - Greene correspondence with Southgate about obtaining stamps plus booklet panes
File D25 - Greene correspondence with Philatelic Gossip, 1926-45 File D26 - Greene correspondence with Republic of Panama about various issues especially design of the 1c Postage Due stamp
File D27 - Green correspondence with A.V. Dvorak, Ed., Philatelic Gossip, 1918-22
File D28 - Greene correspondence with Rudolf Weiler about firing of Wallace and issuing stamp for him
File D29 - Miscellaneous correspondence and announcements c.1954
File D30 - Miscellaneous 1940s correspondence from multiple people
File D31 - Miscellaneous correspondence early 1950s File D32 - Brett general correspondence 1950s
File D33 - Greene correspondence with Stamp Journal about articles submitted, published, not published
File D34 - Miscellaneous correspondence of Goethals with Greene. Two originals signed by Goethels
File D35 - Letters between Greene and Conger etc. Original information from Bliss
File D35a - Origin of Canal Zone Study Group (CZSG) File D35b - Brett correspondence with Ferrars Tows
File D35d - Greene correspondence with R. S. Carter, a stamp dealer in CZ
File D35e - Original letter from Covaleski to Greene, 1917

File D35f - Greene correspondence about order of Chagres, including who rides first boat through canal
File D35g - Correspondence between Greene and Brett
File D35h - Correspondence between Greene and Bartels, c. 1916- 17
File D35i - Miscellaneous Greene related correspondence with Bliss including with CZ Government on salary
File D35j - Bliss with Greene correspondence
File D36 - Siegel auction catalog 6/22-23/67 some key varieties File D37 - DeVoss “via Panama” collection sale
File D38 - Auction catalogs – Apfelbaum, 1969; Siegel, 1976 File D38a -Auction catalogs - J.C. Perry - Bartels 1938; Robert Schwartz - Fiefield 1947
File D39 - Mozian Auction Catalogs of Conger Collection File D40 - DeVoss list by CZ stamp
File D40a - Articles from 1920s, 1930s by Huber
File D41 - Pre-CZ stamps; early letter about establishment of Ancon Post Office
File D42 - Panama revenue paper cut off documents File D43 - Teddy Roosevelt address, 1906
File D44 - Judge Tatelman
File D45 - Correspondence between Brett and Walter McCoy mostly about US Bureau precancels
Box 85. Printing and Shipment Information
File E1 - CZPO extracts from postal bulletin File E2 - Additional Roessler correspondence
File E3 - CZ Issue 147 - Notes and newspaper articles
File E4 - –CZ Issue 157a - Legal documents about H.E. Harris and missing bridge
File E5 - CZ Oversized Issues - Photos of CZ scenes and sketches used to make Anniversary Stamps
File E6 – CZ Oversized Precancels - Photos of full page proofs of precancels
File E7 - Thermal copies of information gathered about dates of shipments to American Bank Note Company
File E8 - CZ stamps printings by date File E9 - Stamp orders to the BEP
File E10 - Useful file of transcribed records especially about orders for stamps and destruction of stamps
File E11 - Printing and shipment information especially about issues by BEP
File E12 - Miscellaneous notes on printing processes
File E13 - Issues, Precancel, Officials, stationery - Photos, proofs, and sketches

Box 86. Government, People, Miscellaneous
File F1 - Clippings, new issue announcements
File F2 - Valuable collection of signatures of prominent Canal builders including Goethals, Sibert, etc.
File F3 - Navy documents about airmail postal rates File F4 - Sketches
File F5 - CZPO Annual PO Reports beginning drafts, excerpts from CZ Record, 1904, etc.
File F6 - Miscellaneous
File F7 - Panama Canal Society of Chicago, including speech by Gen R.E. Wood, 1963
File F8 - CZ related events, and anniversaries, e.g. Tivoli 50th Anniversary
File F9 - Articles, excerpts, notes
File F10 - CZ Postal bulletins etc. 1950s
File F11 - Notes on new issues prepared for press releases articles File F12 - Snippets on importance of role Gorgas played
File F13 - CZPO circulars about airmail
File F14 - Announcements of designs for proposed stamp issues File F15 - Photocopies of letters to/from Gorgas and the widows Taft, Goethals, and Stevens
File F16 - Binder/notebook with Brett’s notes about his travels, c.1955, including drafts for articles
File F17 - Various official documents about CZ correspondence with the US Government on treaties pending
File F18 - Meade Bolton - retirement
File F19 - Letters to/from Gorgas, Taft, Goethels File F20 - CZ registry return cards c. 1905-06
File F21 - Compiled list of references: Panama Bibliography File F22 - CZPO Circulars - communications with Director of Posts
File F23 - Miscellaneous material - Paquebot markings - Nicaragua File F24 - Audit report recommendation to transfer CZ Postal Service to USPO Dept
File F25 - Material on trustworthy people including Gen. Robert E. Wood and Tobey
File F26 - Wood blocks with CANAL and ZONE used for illustrations
File F27 - Clipped autographs of Goethals, Gaillard, etc.
Box 87. Publications Types and Draft Manuscripts
File G1 - Major file of notes and drafts on US Overprints and Errors
File G2 - Drafts of articles, sketches, forms
File G3 - CZSG material, notes, and membership
File G4 - Copy of manuscript booklet on Canal Zone stamps

File G5 - Correspondence about revision of Scott catalogue File G6 - Catalog revisions
File G7 - Correspondence about revision of Scott Catalogue numbers, c.1952-1953
File G8 - Various, manuscripts, blue page proofs
File G9 - Various correspondences, drafts, and notes about US Overprints
File G10 - Early Dade draft?
File G11 - Significant correspondence with Dade about manuscript File G12 - Draft articles mostly US Overprints including Dade chapters
File G13 - Photocopies of articles - Mekeel's 1906 through Philatelic Gossip in 1930s, to 1950s. Some by George Brett
File G14 - Drawings, notes and manuscript of George C. McNabb
- US overprint flyspeck varieties
File G15 - Ideas about article/exhibit of research collected on construction and operation of the Canal
File G16 - Background on Sea Post project - contacts with former clerks
File G17 - –Greene publication about Sea Post, Ancon A, also William Kuhnle pamphlet “History of U.S. Sea Post Service 1891 - 1941”
File G18 - Hand-copied memos about establishing sea posts including article Seaposter July/Aug 1961 Vol. XXIII No. 4, “The Sea Posts of CZ and Postmarks”
File G19 - Useful background notes about Sea Posts by Greene File G20 - Establishing RPO on Steamships
1908 File G20a - CZ Seaposts and their postmarks published in
File G21 - Miscellaneous notes for articles
File G22 - Drafts about plate numbers and checklist File G23 - Drafts about various topics by stamp
Box 88. CZPO Correspondence, Drafts, Miscellaneous File I1 - Letters from CZ Director of Posts File I2 - Memos from CZ Director
File I3 - Post offices opening and closing dates
File I4 - Useful PO projects on Ancon A, Cristobal A & B, Sea Posts, etc
File I5 – Post Office closings, Published material?
File I6 - Tatelman letter on Ft. Sherman use of Cristobal with 3 cancels
File I7 - Q & A for Calhoun, 1953
File I8 - Greene correspondence with Calhoun and later Marshall about establishing Post Offices
File I9 - Philatelic investigations of Post Offices

File I10 - Tatelman article, “Who overprinted #1, 2, 3?”, with backup material
File I11 - Copies of memos about establishing Post Office system File I12 - CZ correspondence about - some Post Offices and new issues
File I13 - Establishing early Post Office operations in Canal Zone File I14 - CZ correspondence about trying to track down opening date of Ancon A, also Cristobal A & B
File I15 - Copies of important early correspondence on establishing Post Offices in Canal Zone, mostly in 1904
File I16 - Miscellaneous Director of Post announcements, Post Office closings, cancels, postmarks, etc.
File I17 - CZ Post Offices dates reprinted for CZSG File I18 - Early letters establishing Post Offices
File I19 - Correspondence (on tissue)from CZPO about early CZ Post Offices (1904-08, some later)
File I20 - CZ Post Office letter to Greene saying no to 50th Anniversary stamp
File I21 - CZ Postal Service (CZPS) on progression of positions occupied by Anselm Warner - including postmaster and swapping of office w/ Bliss
File I22 - Miscellaneous newspaper clippings File I23 - Miscellaneous Panama material File I24 - CZ pre-production announcements File I25 - John Stevens by Rep. Daniel J. Flood
File I26 - Frank Howe correspondence with Brooks and Philer about hand stamp controversy over who had them and how many there were
File I27 - “US Postal Agency, Barranquilla, Colombia”, 21st American Philatelic Congress, p. 65 (1955)
File I28 - Scribbling on wrappers
File I29 - Evans: “Stamps of the Canal Zone” and Heydon: “Stamps of Panama, Postage Stamps 1939”
File I30 - Draft of article published in Weekly Philatelic Gossip 08/04/34, “Varieties of Canal Zone on US Stamps - Including Sketches and Background”
File I31 - Proofs of article by Goethels in Scott's Monthly Journal, April 1933, including illustrations and originals of postal stationery
File I32 - Brett’s album pages, sketches, and DeVoss's “The Yucatan Affair”
File I33 - Book abstracts and reviews - other authors File I34 - Dade-Schay manuscript
File I35 - Potential article “The CZ Postal Service - 1904-54”

File I36 - Drafts of article on US Postal Agency Barranquilla Colombia, published in 21st American Philatelic Congress, p. 65 (1955)
File I37 – Background and early text for CZ stamps write-up File I38 - Drafts and background about some original production File I39 - CZPO announcements about new issues
File I40 - Published versions CZSG (1953-56), CZSG notes, handbook about booklets & unique error
File I41 - Brett correspondence with Plass and Bew about CZSG File I42 - CZSG correspondence, general information gathering including early CZSG
Box 89. Miscellaneous Correspondence
File X1 - Greene correspondence with Nassau St. about buying new issues (1916)
File X2 -– Greene correspondence with Moolchan looking for stamps
File X3 - Greene correspondence with Hermann Muhlehen, 1908- 17
File X4 - Greene correspondence with Seward, 1914-17 and 1935 File X5 - Greene correspondence with Salmon about number of 5c and 2c inverts known,
File X6 - Greene correspondence with Rall about number of 2c inverts
File X7 - Greene correspondence with Philadelphia Stamp News File X8 - Greene correspondence with Roessler, 1924 -26, about newsletter and catalog
File X9 - Greene correspondence with Roessler, 1917 -23, about newsletter and catalog
File X10 - Greene correspondence with Seitz about some early 1c Porto Bello due. Seitz owned Paradiso Spring Water 1908
File X11 - Various Greene correspondence with Star & Herald about subscription etc, Ancon Sta. A date
File X12 - Personal correspondence of Greene with the Frank family
File X13 - Greene correspondence with Schecker about exchange of stamps
File X14 - Greene personal correspondence including asking for post cards with cancels 1950
File X15 - Greene correspondence with Cassibry about Railway messenger needs
File X16 - Greene correspondence with Mozian 1952 about the meaning of “mint”
File X17 - Early Greene correspondence including miscellaneous invoices, pricelists, etc.
File X18 - Mostly Brett correspondence with Greene, 1953-54

File X19 - Brett correspondence with Goodkind, Tatelman, DeVoss, Conger, etc.
File X20 - Brett letters or part letters about booklet panes File X21 - Brett correspondence with various persons
File X22 – Miscellaneous Brett very long letters with Tatelman, etc. File says “Stamp Design Committee”
File X23 - Brett correspondence with Bob Karrer
File X23a - Years of Brett correspondence with known philatelists File X24 - Mostly CZSG related correspondence c. 1968
File X25 - Mostly CZSG related correspondence c. 1969 File X26 - Mostly CZSG and CZ Philatelist correspondence
File X27 - Correspondence establishing CZSG, 1952, reference to the book
File X28 - Miscellaneous Greene correspondence to or from Brett File X29 - Seward correspondence including other notes on Post Office closings
Box 90. Miscellaneous Correspondence
File Y1 - Dade draft summary of origin of errors in “Canal Zone” overprint on US stamps
File Y2 - Copies of source material on establishing Post Offices
File Y3 - Discussion papers at Panama-Pacific Exposition, CZ Stamps checklists, Post Office’s 50th Anniversary
File Y4 - Published articles including Panama Canal Review issue, ships, 1938 CZPS, and CZ postage stamps
File Y5 - Published Bureau issues items
File Y6 - Dade - Brett draft US overprint material which became part of the Dade-Schay manuscript
File Y7 - Dade draft manuscript about the “Sharp A” overprint. Dade- Schay draft includes statement about wrong font second printing 5c and 10c postage dues
File Y8 - Brown folder containing check list and various drafts File Y9 - Draft Chapter XXIX First Air Mail (provisional) Series File Y10 - General handwritten notes
File Y11 - Miscellaneous reference material by Brett for article File Y12 - On visit to American Bank Note Co, 1954
File Y13 - Published CZ related articles
File Y14 - CZ plate number checklist manuscript File Y15 - Navy memoranda, some postal related
File Y16 - Mostly Navy orders and memos, some postal operations
File Y17 - CZ Post Office official memos, circulars about establishing the Postal system
File Y18 - Miscellaneous official forms and documents of the Canal Zone File Y19 - Correspondence and press releases about plan to restart use of overprint Panama stamps, 1962-1963

File Y20 - Story of the Canal Zone illustrated with stamps not necessarily Canal Zone
File Y21 - CZ Correspondence - Greene correspondence about Liberty Bonds with varieties, submarine V bond, and first flight. Important WWI items (Has been published (CZ Philatelist 49:25)
File Y22 - CZPS with original preproduction announcements
File Y23 - CZ Issue 141 - Barro Colorado stamp announcements in philatelic press, 1948
File Y24 - Discussion of papers presented at Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915
File Y25 - Miscellaneous newspaper clippings File Y26 - CZ Stamps, minor covers, PO seals
File Y27 - Start of certified mail in the Canal Zone, Nov 1, 1955 File Y28 - Bibliography
File Y29 - CZ Railway Post Office copied from Mekeel's June 22, 1936 File Y30 - Possible Canal Zone 50th Anniversary Stamp
File Y31 - Panama Map Series, notes and inventory of the major Panama collection of John N. Myer
File Y32 - Non-CZ watermarks, miscellaneous watermarks, Photostats

Box 91 – Photos
Envelope Large 1 - CZ Issue 147: Printing of 100 Anniversary PRR Stamp Envelope Large 2 - Via Panama covers; S.S. Finance sinking covers Envelope Large 3 - CO14a panes and examples; Shanghai covers c. 1888 Envelope Large 4 - Miscellaneous covers - pre-CZ into Panama
Envelope Large 5 - Miscellaneous CZ Covers - several eras Envelope Large 6 - Miscellaneous covers - apparently for markings Envelope Large 7 - Covers - registered for markings - 1912 Envelope Large 8 - Photocopies: CZ 40a; postal card; Perry letter
Envelope Large 9 - Photos of POs - includes San Pablo 1912, Culebra with Bliss banner
Envelope Large 10 - List of photos in Official CZ files - not the photos Envelope Large 11 - Overprint Types I-V: sketches, other info
Envelope Large 12 - Letter sized photos of panes 46, 48, J1-3: large prints elsewhere in box
Envelope Large 13 - Pages of negative images of miscellaneous material - pre-scanners
Envelope Large 14- Pages of negative images of miscellaneous material - pre-scanners
Envelope Large 15 - Miscellaneous covers - apparently for markings Envelope Large 16 - Pre- Columbian map
Envelope Large 17 - Large photos - different Type I - V overprints Envelope Large 18 - Photos of possible historical significance Envelope Large 19 - Prints of Philippines pane - War Savings

Envelope Large 20 - CZ Issue C25a Envelope Large 21 - Bliss Provisionals
Envelope Large 22 - Plate varieties - double transfers on 86, 93 Envelope Large 23 - Booklet panes - plate proofs 117a, airmails Envelope Large 24 - Miscellaneous announcement card, articles, posters Envelope Large 25 - Miscellaneous photos
Envelope Large 26 - Miscellaneous photos
Envelope Small 1 - CZ Issue Precancels: Negatives - precancel overprint forms
Envelope Small 2 - Mt Hope Press and Station
Envelope Small 3 - Miscellaneous more modern - Brett CZ Covers: 1st Day, Dixiepex
Envelope Small 4 - Postal Stationery items Envelope Small 5 - Photos inside PO; pool Envelope Small 6 - Scenes, buildings, Taboga Island
Envelope Small 7 - Brett personal photos, plus Eisenhower at Labor Day stamp ceremony
Envelope Small 8 - CZ Issue: Regular issues 105-114 Envelope Small 9 - CZ Issue: 22 imperforate between Envelope Small 10 - CZ Issue: 57 imperforate at margin Envelope Small 11 - CZ Issue: Postage Dues including shift
Envelope Small 12 - CZ Issue: Air Official - Proofs and Examples Envelope Small 13 - CZ ISSUE: 116a ZONE CANAL plus partial shifts Envelope Small 14 - CZ ISSUE: 117 freak perforations
Envelope Small 15 - First series 1-3 essay, examples, including 2 with diagonal overprint Gatun cancel
Envelope Small 16 - CZ Via PANAMA: DeVoss Photos - via PANAMA and miscellaneous - some stamps
Envelope Small 17 - Official Mail covers; Taboga Island cover Envelope Small 18 - Postal Stationery - varieties, postmarks Envelope Small 19 - CZ Via PANAMA materials
Envelope Small 20 - Panama RR Materials
Envelope Small 21 – Folder of miscellaneous Canal Zone Stamps Envelope Bulky 1 - Miscellaneous photos of stamps
Envelope Bulky2 - Range of photos by DeVoss
Envelope Bulky 3 - Miscellaneous photos - CZ Stamps and markings Envelope XLarge 1 - CZ Issue Officials: Photos of Official Proof Sheets Envelope XLarge 2 - CZ Issue: Full size scans of panes of 46, 48, J1-3 Envelope XLarge 3 - SS Panama etc
Envelope XLarge 4 - Sketch of Teddy Roosevelt – 1949
Bulky – Red Box – Miscellaneous photos of buildings, canal and ships

Box 92 - Remnants - various odds and ends
Miscellaneous others with Greene heirs - & with prominent collectors of the day
Notes on Wallace Affair - or is this just transcription of "Who Built the Canal? Text
No philatelic interest - some historical about Panama riots 1964 Covers and cancels - but just lists
Old correspondence with other collectors, publications, etc Navy related material – receipts
Miscellaneous correspondence
Conger I & II, Mozian 1969. unknown Apfelbaum 1969 Frank Greene obit and related
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings 1948-49 - non-philatelic
Greene mostly with collectors trying to find information about covers especially Sea Post
To sort to other files