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The Rules of Etiquette: Emily Post

32-cent Emily Post's Etiquette stamp
This 32-cent stamp was issued on May 28, 1998.

In the early 1900’s, guidebooks on manners and etiquette were popular amongst middle class women. Although many guidebooks were available, Emily Post became the true authority on etiquette in the 1920’s.

Throughout the early twentieth century, Emily Post (1873-1960) set the guidelines for good manners within America. In 1922 she wrote her book, Etiquette: the Blue Book of Social Usage that could be used as a guide for proper social behavior. In addition to her books, she also wrote a newspaper column, spoke on radio shows, and established the Post Institute for the Study of Gracious Living in 1946.

The Emily Post stamp was issued as part of the Celebrate the Century: 1920s souvenir sheet. The ceremony was held at Chicago’s “Celebrate State Street” Festival. The stamp was designed by Carl Herrman and has a picture of a table setting with 1920’s dishware.