Pioneering Women and Early Government Leaders

Molly Pitcher

2-cent carmine Battle of Monmouth stamp
George Washington recognized Molly’s heroism, thus her name was overprinted on the 2c George Washington stamp, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth. The Molly Pitcher stamp was issued on October 20, 1928.

Mary Ludwig followed her husband, William Hayes, when he enlisted in the Revolutionary army. Ludwig earned her nickname Molly Pitcher by bringing pitchers of water to soldiers in battle. On June 28, 1778, William Hayes participated in the Battle of Monmouth, the longest battle of the war. When he was unable to continue firing his cannon, Mary stepped in and manned the gun through the battle. Although the story is questioned by some, the tale of Molly Pitcher continues to live on as a tribute to the many Revolutionary women who helped form the new nation.