William H. Gross Stamp Gallery

Every Stamp Tells a Story
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The World of Stamps exhibition in the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery

September 23, 2013 - Permanent
Main entrance level

Named after its primary benefactor, the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery is the world’s largest gallery dedicated to philately. It provides an experience available nowhere else and offers something for everyone, from casual visitors to experienced collectors.

As visitors move through six thematic areas, stunning displays and interactive moments reveal the amazing stories that unfold from the museum’s unparalleled collection. Distributed throughout the thematic areas are hundreds of pullout frames containing more than 20,000 objects, providing ample opportunities to view noteworthy stamps that have never been on public display.

“The story of stamps in America is the story of America, and I am proud to be part of preserving and showcasing these treasures.”
—William H. Gross, Businessman, Philanthropist, and Philatelist

“This is a defining moment for the National Postal Museum—a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create the world’s premier museum gallery dedicated to philately.”
—Allen Kane, Former Director, National Postal Museum

“The William H. Gross Stamp Gallery will expand the museum’s displays of stamps and mail, allowing the museum to create permanent exhibits of the National Stamp Collection and rare gems. Visitors will learn about stamps and mail with fun and educational exhibits plus be able to see many unique rarities on view nowhere else.”
—Cheryl R. Ganz, Ph.D., Former Chief Curator of Philately, National Postal Museum

As visitors step into this introductory gallery, a display of oversized stamps and video monitors grabs their attention. Video images bring stamps to life and pique curiosity through questions that are answered as visitors explore the...

Gems of American Philately wall panel

In this dramatically lit space, visitors have the privilege of examining 13 of the most rare and highly valued gems in the world of philately—including the most famous U.S. stamp of all, the 1918 Inverted Jenny. An immersive video explains why the...

Amelia Earhart gallery wall

The markings on mail provide valuable clues to the surprising ways mail has been transported over time, including challenges and even disasters encountered along the way. Visitors learn to decipher these markings through an...

Interactive screen in gallery

In this highly interactive area, visitors are immersed in examples of how stamp content, design, and production have changed over time and how modern U.S. stamps reflect the nation’s identity. Here, too, visitors explore...

Wall panel in the National Stamp Salon

Here, philatelists and other interested visitors have access to some of the great U.S. collections owned by the National Postal Museum or on loan from other institutions. 275 pullout frames display tens of thousands of stamps and pieces of...

Pull out stamp frames in the Stamps Around the Globe exhibit

International stamps make up more than half of the National Postal Museum’s collections. At interactive displays flanking a large globe, visitors explore examples of how stamps reflect their countries of origin and connect...