About the Exhibition

Photo of the 1885 display in the exhibition space
A view into the exhibit, Systems at Work

You drop a letter in a mailbox and then what happens? You receive mail at home or the office—how does it get there? The answer to these questions unfolds in Systems at Work, a new permanent exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum.

Those pieces of mail join roughly 700 million others that are sorted and delivered to 150 million addresses six days a week. The service depends on an astonishing network of people and technology that collects, transports, processes, and delivers the mail.

The exhibit uses objects, graphics, multimedia, and interactives, to guide you to the heart of the matter—the people and machines whose daily work keeps the mail moving.

When you leave Systems at Work, you will have taken a journey through time and technologies and may well see the connections between the mail, technology, engineering, the Internet, and your own life in a new light.

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Systems at Work