The G.H. Kaestlin Specialized Collection

Ustsysolsk and Pavlograd

(Russian: Усть-Сысольск)

3k Ustsysolsk rural post single
Ustsysolsk issued stamps from 1872 -1916. No.1 is black on yellow with a bear in the forest and depicting local natural peculiarities of the land.

(Ukrainian: Павлоград, Russian: Павлогра́д)

5k Pavlograd rural post single
The first issue by Pavlograd was a 5k blue with a roman numeral “V” in the corners and a six-rayed star above the shield. This is one of seven known copies.
5k Pavlograd rural post single
The 1876 issue is round with the horse’s tail raised above its back. Pavlograd issued stamps from 1869-1884.