Onwards to Victory

American Military History Through Stamps (1775-1913)
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10-cent Lexington and Concord 1775 by Sandham stamp

Virtual Exhibit
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The 6-cent First Stars & Stripes Flag stamp was issued July 4, 1968. (Scott 1350)

On June 17, 1775, less than two months after the first shots of the American Revolution were fired at Lexington and Concord, British soldiers attacked the American fortifications on Breed’s Hill near Boston. The ensuing struggle marked the first battlefield engagement of the Revolutionary War between British and American soldiers. Though the British eventually captured the American position, they suffered more than twice the casualties of the American side.

In commemoration of this first major battle of the American Revolution, the Smithsonian National Postal Museum has created Onwards To Victory: American Military History Through Stamps (1775-1913). This virtual exhibition showcases major events in American military history from the start of the American Revolution through the Spanish-American War. The exhibition features a number of objects from the museum’s collection, which drive this exciting narrative of courageous Americans on a march toward victory.

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