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Amelia Earhart's Flight

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Amelia Earhart Overprint, 1935

“Muestra” (specimen) overprint for Amelia Earhart’s goodwill flight to and from Mexico City. This is one of 480 specimen examples.

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Eagle Man with Amelia Earhart Overprint, 1935

This stamp is one of the rarities of Mexican airmail. About one hundred of the three hundred overprinted stamps issued were used on the mail carried by Earhart to New York City (some in blocks of four).

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Mexico City to New York City Airmail, 1935

Amelia Earhart flew from Los Angeles to Mexico City in 1935, bringing international attention to Mexico. She then flew solo non-stop from Mexico City to Newark, New Jersey (destination New York City), the first ever to do so. Thirty-five pieces of mail were flown.