The Jeanette C. Rudy Duck Stamp Collection

Maynard Reece

A Tribute to Jeanette Rudy

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Jeanette C. Rudy and Maynard Reece, 2006
Courtesy of Jim O'Donnell

Maynard Reece (b. 1920) and Jeanette C. Rudy share a long history. Reece’s image titled “Bufflehead” appeared on the 1948 Federal Duck Stamp, and Jeanette C. Rudy purchased her first Duck Stamp the following year, 1949. Reece went on to win the federal competition four times—1951, 1959, 1969, and 1971—and Mrs. Rudy, always the avid collector, admiringly followed his career. “I have always appreciated Mrs. Rudy’s interest in and support of my work,” Reece comments. “The duck stamp community and wildlife art as a whole have benefited from Mrs. Rudy’s interest in collecting and contributions in general.” He notes in particular her desire to “share her collections with the public” and that her generosity “is a huge benefit to all of us.” Mr. Reece does not veil his fondness and admiration for Jeanette C. Rudy, one of the nation's great collectors. He expresses his feelings, saying, “It is my privilege and pleasure to know her.”

A native of northwest Iowa, Reece found work—and friendship with artist/conservationist Ding Darling—at the Iowa Museum of Natural History, Des Moines, after high school graduation. His friendship with Darling unquestionably influenced his art and shaped his career. He has spent his life out-of-doors, hunting and painting. His respect for and love of nature touch viewers across generations.