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Charles Caillé-Long

Letter Transcription

Mt. Leddo [Mt. Lado is north of Juba, South Sudan]
Central Africa
Hd  2[?], 29th January 1875

My Dear Father,

More than a year has elapsed since I have recd. a letter from you & disappointment at finding none on my return from Uganda the 18th of October now gives place by reason of continued silence to grave & harassing doubts of illness perhaps. However I take comfort from the immense space that intervenes & the long & tardy communication.

My arrival at Khartoum has been certainly announced you by telegraph to journals + to the New York Herald made by the Consul General of Austria & France. Genl. Stone writes me that His Highness the Khedive has Officially Communicated the Result of my hazardous voyage and exploration of a hitherto unknown Country to the [?] Consul General. This has doubtless found its way in American papers braving dangers tricks before which others had recoiled. You will appreciate my dear Father That Egypt & Europe recognize me as in the van of those who have rendered great service with regard to this objective point – benighted Africa.

A talented and brilliant officer honors me with his Confidence Col. Gordon & says to me on my arrival back from Khartoum (from whence I have written you). Long I have prayed for your return. I rely wholly upon you & CC. You have rendered great services to Flattering & Congratulatory letters are recd. from friend & Genl. Stone and Genl. Loving enthusiastic in my behalf. From the Ministry of War I have recd. the following Official Communication (in French) translation is as follows:

Genl. Order }                       War Dept.
No. 18                                     Cairo. 16 November / 74

M. Lt. Col. Long of the Staff of the Egyptian Army in an Expedition near the Albert Nyanza Lake has been attacked by 400 men armed enemies of the Khedive. Alone with two soldiers he resisted their repeated attacks & that put them to flight after having killed eighty two of the Enemy.

For this brilliant feat of arms & for having acquitted himself gloriously Notwithstanding the many great difficulties Of the Mission Confided him to the Country Uganda. His Highness Khedive has wished to nominate M. le Lt. Colonel Long to the grade of Colonel in the Staff of the Army.

By Order of His Highness the Prince Minister of War
The Chief of the Staff
Signe [term for signed] Stone

A decoration of the order of “Medjidick” has been sent me but not yet recd.

[The letter quoted from General Charles Pomeroy Stone, dated November 16, 1874, Cairo, arrived by steamer in Lado during Chaille-Long’s stay there between January 10-29, 1875, when he wrote this letter. He departed Lado on January 31.]

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Cover sent from "Mt Leddo, Central Africa," January 29, 1875, by Charles Caillé-Long to his father in Maryland, USA.
Courtesy of Patrick Maselis.

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Letter written from "Mt Leddo, Central Africa," January 29, 1875, by Charles Caillé-Long to his father in Maryland, USA.
Courtesy of Patrick Maselis.

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