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Younger Audiences

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    Local Note: NPM copy has v. 4, no. 10 and V. 4, no. 11 bound in reverse order.
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Younger Audiences

    Curious about the first hundred years of flight? Try this comprehensive website.
    Access the "Educational Services" section of the National Air and Space Museum for activities and curriculum materials.
    The Federal Aviation Administration offers information on the history, science, careers and current state of aviation; materials for educators; and activities for children.
    NASA provides extensive avenues of exploration for teachers and students.
    Become engaged in invention through the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the National Museum of American History Behring Center.


  • The Air Legion
    (FBO 1929, Silent)
    Directed by Bert Glennon
    Ben Lyon
    Antonio Moreno
    John Gough
    Martha Sleeper.
    Plot: The son of a legendary WWII flying ace is hired as an airmail pilot based on his father's reputation. Unfortunately, the son is a coward who would rather wound himself than fly in dangerous weather. He saves his reputation by saving the life of a fellow pilot.
  • Air Mail
    (Universal 1932)
    Directed by: John Ford
    Actors: Pat O'Brien, Ralph Bellamy, Slim Summerville , Gloria Stuart, Jim Thorpe
    Plot: The lives, trials and tribulations of a group of airmail pilots flying in and out of a small airport in the Rocky Mountains.
  • The Air Mail Mystery
    (Universal 1932)
    Directed by: Ray Taylor
    Actors: Walter Brennan , Lucile Browne, James Flavin, Wheeler Oakman , Al Wilson
    Plot: The trials and tribulations of early U.S. airmail pilots.
  • The Air Mail
    (Paramount-Lasky 1925, Silent)
    Directed by: Irvin Willat
    Actors: Warner Baxter , Mary Brian , Billie Dove , Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
    Plot: A crook cons his way into a job as an airmail pilot in order to steal valuables. A good woman and the moral strength of his fellow pilots make him see the error of his ways.
  • The Air Mail Pilot
    (Superlative 1928, Silent)
    Directed by: Gene Carroll
    Actors: James Fulton, DeWitt Jennings, Earl Metcalf
    Plot: Airmail pilots are perplexed by a series of airmail robberies.
  • The Aviator
    (United Artists 1985)
    Directed by: George Miller
    Actors: Christopher Reeve, Rosanna Arquette , Jack Warden , Sam Wanamaker
    Plot: An airmail pilot is forced to take the daughter of a VIP in his airplane along with the airmail. The airplane crashes in the mountains and the pair must struggle to survive.
  • Blaze of Noon
    (Paramount 1947)
    Directed by: John Farrow
    Actors: Anne Baxter , William Bendix , Howard DaSilva , Sterling Hayden , William Holden , Sonny Tufts
    Pilot: Based on a novel by Ernest K. Gann. Four brothers turn in their lives as carnival stunt fliers to work for the U.S. Airmail Service.
  • Ceiling Zero
    (Warner Bros 1935)
    Directed by: Howard Hawks
    Actors: James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, Stuart Erwin, June Travis, Barton MacLane
    Plot: An adaptation of the Frank Wead play. An irresponsible airmail pilot drives his manager crazy with his stunts, one of which results in the death of a young pilot.
  • The Flying Mail
    (Associated 1926, Silent)
    Directed by: Noel M Smith
    Actors: Joseph Girard , Eddie Gribbon , Kathleen Myers , Frank Tomick , Harry von Meter , Al Wilson
    Plot: An airmail pilot is fooled by crooks into thinking he has married a crooked woman as part of a scheme to rob the U.S. mail.
  • Night Flight
    (MGM 1933)
    Directed by: Clarence Brown
    Actors: Clark Gable , Helen Hayes , John Barrymore , Lionel Barrymore , Myrna Loy , Robert Montgomery , William Gargan
    Plot: The lives and loves of a group of airmail pilots living and working in South America.
  • Only Angels Have Wings
    (Columbia 1939)
    Directed by: Howard Hawks
    Actors: Cary Grant , Jean Arthur , Thomas Mitchell , Richard Barthelmess , Rita Hayworth, Sig Ruman , John Carroll , Noad Beery Jr
    Plot: The lives and loves of a group of airmail pilots living and flying in South America.
  • Pirates of the Sky
    (Pathè 1927 Silent)
    Directed by: Charles Andrews
    Actors: Charles Hutchison , Wanda Hawley
    Plot: The government forces a daredevil pilot to help them track down a missing airmail airplane.
  • The Sky Spider
    (Action Pictures 1931)
    Directed by: Richard Thorpe
    Actors: Glen Tryon, Pat O'Malley, John Trent
    Plot: Two brothers, both airmail pilots, are after the same girl. The romantic triangle is complicated by an airmail robbery.
  • The Sky's the Limit
    ([unknown]1925, Silent)
    Directed by : Harry L Fraser, I W Irving
    Actors: Jack Geddings , Alphonse Martell , Jane Starr, Bruce Gordon
    Plot: Airmail pilots face danger from thieves trying to steal the mail.
  • Snowed In
    (Pathè 1926 Silent)
    Directed by: Spencer Gordon Bennett
    Actors: Tom London, Walter Miller, Allene Ray
    Plot: A serial of the dangers faced by U.S. airmail pilots.


  • The Aero Equine Express March
    Music by Charles H.E. Remondino
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  • I Am a Knight of the Open Way
    Dedicated to the conquerors of the sky
    Music by Dorothy Mayhew, words by Joy York,
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  • Wait ‘Till You Get Them Up In The Air Boys
    Words by Lew Brown, music by Albert von Tilzer
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  • Sylvia Ekezie and Lillie Fujinaga of LIOBmedia, who are responsible for the design and creation of the original Fad to Fundamental: Airmail in America website.
  • Nancy Allison Wright, President, Air Mail Pioneers for her continued assistance in tracking down photographs and biographies of early airmail pilots.
  • Mike Newcomer, for his well researched and well drawn illustrations.
  • Fad to Fundamental: Airmail in America, was written and organized by Nancy Pope, Lynn Heidelbaugh, Kimberly McCray and Esther Washington of the National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
  • Additional thanks to the entire Museum staff, especially Bill Lommel and James O'Donnell.

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