The U.S. Postal Inspection Service

Postal Inspection Service

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Postal inspector handcuffs a suspect.

The vast postal network makes it easy to share goods and services. But easy access also makes the postal system a target for abuse. The Postal Inspection Service investigates and responds to criminal activity that involves the U.S. Postal Service and U.S. mail.

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Postal Police Officer and Postal Inspector badges

Each year postal inspectors:

  • Educate 123 million customers about fraud prevention
  • Handle nearly 115,000 reports of suspected fraud
  • Arrest 1,500 people for mail fraud
  • Arrest 3,000 people for mail theft
  • Arrest 2,500 suspects for drug trafficking and money laundering through the mail
  • Arrest 300 people for assaults and threats to postal employees
  • Investigate 200 robberies and burglaries of post offices
  • Help nearly 50,000 crime victims
We Are the U.S. Postal Inspection Service
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"We Are the U.S. Postal Inspection Service” highlights the men and women of law enforcement who specialize in protecting the American public, the mail, and the Postal Service. Produced by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service."

00:06  What I think cop shows get wrong about Postal Inspectors is they don't use them enough.

00:10  We are the elite of Federal law enforcement.

00:12  We're a highly trusted government agency.

00:15  We're the investigative and security function of the postal service.

00:19  We're a mini police agency all of our own.

00:22  We represent the United States government.

00:23  That's a responsibility and a charge that we take extremely seriously.

00:28  It's such a broad jurisdiction. We have every type of investigation that a police department might have. Narcotics, homicide cases, child exploitation cases, prohibited mailing, robbery cases, burglaries, bomb cases, bioterrorism, identity theft.

00:44  There are over two hundred federal statutes that apply to the mail.

00:46  When you start telling them bombs in the mail, anthrax in the mail, and then the light bulb goes on and they get it.

00:52  I worked countless child exploitation cases.

00:56  When you go to court, to look to the live child that you resqued from this predator and to tell them that he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail is the most rewarding thing that you can get out of this assignment.

01:08  I am United States Postal Inspector Lisa Holman.

01:11  I am T. Lamont Greene Postal Inspector.

01:14  I'm Inspector Pless, Revenue Investigations.

01:17  I am Dade Bowers Postal Inspector.

01:19  I am Postal Inspector Amanda McMernie.

01:22  Protecting the employees, I would say it's the most important job.

01:24  We have to give them a higher level of protection than they would get from even the local police.

01:29  We will absolutely investigate any kind a robbery.

01:32  It's our responsibility to follow up and to take action.

01:35  I am Postal Inspector Tom Noise.

01:38  I am Phil Berbit Postal Inspector.

01:40  I am Postal Inspector Kim Orland, Fraud Inspector.

01:43  We have a very focused mission, rid the mails of this type of crime. Crime is still out there. It's constantly evolving.

01:50  The investigations are like mental chess.

01:53  It's like working a puzzle.

01:54  You run your own case. You get to make all the decisions, tactical, evaluative.

01:59  Whatever the facts are, the facts are.

02:00  There are steps that you take and that's exactly how you work an investigation.

02:04  We present good information. We have good cases.

02:08  It's not uncommon for the US Attorney's office to call and say hey we'd really like you to work this case.

02:12  We earn that respect over a number of years.

02:14  Our work ethic is second to none.

02:18  We have a very successful prosecutorial rate.

02:21  You bring a person the justice. You put them in jail.

02:24  I am Postal Inspector Denis Fernal.

02:27  I'm Forensic Document Examiner Patricia Manzalilo.

02:30  I am DMI Specialist Yolanda Berns.

02:32  When there's a crisis there is no better agency.

02:36  There are no better men and women step up to the plate.

02:38  They call on us to do some of the work that they don't want in the hands of any other agency.

02:44  Hurricane Katrina, September 11, major events.

02:47  We'll respond and take control of the situation.

02:51  As a Postal Inspector you're laying your life on the line everyday.

02:56  I am ER Team member Stephen Matthews.

02:58  I Matthew Boyden Postal Inspector. I'm Ray Moss Postal Inspector.

03:02  I am Postal Inspector Rich Sheehan. I am Tim Vasques Postal Inspector.

03:07  We are the best law enforcement agency.

03:09  There are no better people to work with than other Postal Inspectors.

03:12  And it's our job to protect the American public and that's what we do.

03:16  So if I have a case that crosses state lines, wherever they are, we'll go get them. We're good.

03:21  You know they call us the silent agency.

03:23  I'd wanna work for no other agency other than Inspection Service.

03:26  Best job in Federal law enforcement.

03:30  I'm Guy Catrol Postal Inspector.

03:32  I'm Gregory Campbell Postal Inspector.

03:34  I'm Dave McGinnis Postal Inspector.

03:37  I'm Postal Inspector Shannon Rolaf, Portland, Oregon.

03:40  I'm United States Postal Inspector Jay Banicevich.

03:43  I'm Postal Inspector Delanie Delion.