The U.S. Postal Inspection Service

Mail Truck Heist

Badge used by a criminal to impersonate a police officer
Postal inspectors gathered evidence from the scene and surrounding areas. This badge was part of the disguise when one of the criminals impersonated a police officer to divert traffic and ambush the mail truck.

On August 14, 1962, a police officer directed a mail truck on a Massachusetts highway to make a detour. The mail truck was carrying $1.5 million in cash and silver certificates from Cape Cod banks to the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. The officer was a thief in disguise who led the truck to his armed accomplices. They made off with the money, leaving the postal driver and his guard tied in their truck.

Three of the gunmen were indicted but not convicted because a key witness disappeared, possibly murdered by his criminal associates. The money has never been recovered.

Plymouth, Massachusetts robbery suspects poster
Many believe the three indicted gunmen were never convicted because of the sudden disappearance of the fourth, Thomas Richards. Anticipated to become the prosecutor’s witness, Richards mysteriously disappeared before testifying against the other suspects.