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Wheeler Fleet Solutions




Wheeler Bros. Inc. is headquartered in Somerset, Pennsylvania


with over 250,000 square feet of warehousing.


Incorporated in 1960, and acquired by VSE Corporation in 2011,


Wheeler Bros. Inc. has evolved into a two hundred million dollar operation


employing over 230 people and specializing


in the manufacture and distribution of quality fleet parts.


Wheeler Bros. Inc. has developed a world-class supply chain management company


the largest fleet sustainment provider to the USPS Postal Service and Bimbo Bakeries USA,


with a comprehensive managed inventory system, guaranteeing excellent capabilities in sourcing,


reverse engineering, warehousing, distribution, timely parts delivery,


inventory management, reducing inventory carrying costs, and stockroom organization.


With our vast IT department Wheeler Bros. Inc. is able to custom design


a specialized fleet solution for commercial industries.


Our tailored program allows for less vehicle downtime and parts sourcing


as well as reducing on-hand costs.


Wheeler Bros. Inc. currently maintains 30 to 40 million dollars


in inventories at our warehouse locations.


We pride ourselves on providing total parts support utilizing


the best of the automotive aftermarket tier one suppliers,


as well as the original equipment manufacturers.


Our vast network of supplier partnerships is critical to


Wheeler Bros. Inc.'s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Wheeler Bros. Inc. is committed to extending the service life of fleets


by identifying opportunities for continuous improvement by increasing the life cycle


of a vehicle and lowering the cost of its maintenance footprint.


With our purchasing power and deep buying discounts we strive to ensure


only the highest quality at the best possible price.


In doing so we are able to remain a leader in a highly competitive world


where price is often the determining factor.


Our in-house engineering capabilities allow for complete product development


from concept through production, rapid prototyping capability


through polyjet printing, and a prototype shop,


has allowed Wheeler Bros. Inc. to evaluate multiple concept iterations.


Engineering is able to model parts with our own 3D printer for concept evaluation, measurement, and analysis.


Manufacturing to our specifications allows Wheeler Bros. Inc.


to make improvements to the original design and ensures improved quality and performance.


Our highly qualified sales and customer service department


has established inside and outside sales representatives to support our valued customers.


Our outside sales representatives visit our customer


facilities to provide hands-on assistance to help with inventory stocking solutions.


When contacting Wheeler Bros. Inc. you will always receive


our friendly customer service team member to assist you.


Wheeler Bros. Inc. prides itself on its legacy of service


as well as being recognized by the Postal Service seven times


as the US Postal Service Quality Supplier of the Year.


We are ISO 9001 2008 Registered and on the Board of Advisers for the Postal Suppliers Council.


Our responsibility to provide quality products and custom fleet solutions.


We trust that with our proven performance and qualified teams Wheeler Bros. Inc.


will be able to partner with you as your fleet parts solution.

Wheeler Fleet Solutions in Somerset, Pennsylvania is located 70 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, PA, just off exit 110 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  Located in the Somerset Industrial Park, Wheeler Fleet Solutions has multiple offices and warehouses totaling over 280,000 square feet, housing Sales & Customer Service, Research & Development, Engineering, Quality Control, Distribution and New Business Development.

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Wheeler Fleet Solutions Corporate Office located in Somerset, Pennsylvania

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Wheeler Fleet Solutions Distribution Center

Wheeler Fleet Solutions has evolved over the years from a small electrical rebuild shop, incorporated in 1960 by Joan & Harold W. Wheeler, Jr.  and Edward E. Miller II, to a world-class supply chain management company, employing over 250 people, specializing in supplying automotive, truck, heavy equipment and off-road repair parts to various U.S. Government agencies and commercial markets. Wheeler Fleet Solutions was family owned and operated by three generations of the Wheeler family until June 2011 when it was acquired by VSE Corporation of Alexandria, VA. Today, Wheeler Fleet Solutions is managed by Chad Wheeler, President, Chris Wheeler, Senior Vice President-CIO (grandsons of Harold W. Wheeler, Jr.) and Ed Miller III, Senior Vice President-Research, (son of Edward E. Miller, II).

Collage of Harold W. Wheeler Jr., President of Wheeler Fleet Solutions, Edward E. MIller II, Vice President of Wheeler Fleet Solutions, and Mrs. Joan M. Wheeler, Secretary-Treaserer of Wheeler Fleet Solutions
Wheeler founders

First Wheeler building
First Wheeler building

Collage of four photos of interior and exterior of Wheeler parts shop
Wheeler parts shop

In 1989, Wheeler Fleet Solutions was awarded a National Ordering Agreement (NOA) with the United States Postal Service to supply replacement automotive parts for their new Long Life Vehicle (LLV) that the Postal Service was introducing to replace the Jeeps that were in service. WBI’s goal was supplying parts for this new vehicle and helping the United States Postal Service phase out their Jeeps and the parts associated with their old fleet, while helping them transition with parts for their new fleet of 140,000 LLV’s, manufactured 1987-1994. Due to brand name or equal requirements, WBI developed Research, Drafting, Engineering and Quality Control Departments concentrating on the specific needs of the United States Postal Service’s new fleet of vehicles. Due to our many years’ of parts experience, we are able to obtain the original manufacturers parts or enhanced products thus ensuring only the highest quality at the best possible price. In conducting advanced research, WBI continues to remain a leader in a highly competitive world where pricing is often the determining factor, passing the savings onto the United States Postal Service.

WBI’s Postal Customer Service Department rapidly grew and established inside and outside sales representatives to service the United States Postal Service. Our outside sales reps visited the USPS Vehicle Maintenance Facilities to obtain feedback to better meet the needs and requirements of their new fleet. Over the years, WBI was invited to attend many USPS Fleet Managers’ conferences and visited the USPS Training Facility in Norman, OK where we were able to give tailored presentations with our own LLV demonstrating our new product enhancements.

In 1997, WBI proposed a concept of a parts consignment program to the United States Postal Service Headquarters to help them lower their carrying costs on parts replenishment across their maintenance network. Two pilot programs using this concept were implemented at the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Vehicle Maintenances Facilities with great success. WBI’s Managed Inventory Program (MIP) successfully illustrated the tremendous savings to the United States Postal Service and by 2002, all 330 Vehicle Maintenance Facilities were using this program and continue to do so today. With our in-house written software programs, customized to the needs of the USPS, each Vehicle Maintenance Facility has WBI parts on the shelf in their stockroom, but does not pay for the part until it is used. Automatic weekly stock orders are shipped to each facility to replenish the parts that were used. Stockroom personnel do not need to take the time to research and order parts as this happens automatically with the MIP Program. The amount of savings in money, time and labor over the years is unmeasurable with having the part on the shelf, at no cost, until needed to support their fleet of over 210,000 vehicles.

Today, WBI is the largest parts supplier to the United States Postal Service and has been awarded by USPS Headquarters, their “Quality Supplier” Award 7 times to date and our company also sits on the USPS Postal Supplier Counsel. WBI is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

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David Wheeler accepting our 1st Quality Supplier Award at USPS Headquarters in 1992.

WBI’s core expertise lies within our global supply chain, to include sourcing, engineering, warehousing, nationwide parts distribution and tracking of parts shipments. With our extensive research and engineering capabilities, WBI has been instrumental in extending the service life of the LLV. Our company has reverse engineered more than 650 vehicle parts for the postal fleet on items that are no longer available from the manufacturer, to assist in keeping this large fleet of vehicles on the road for the past 25 years.

A Long Life Vehicle
WBI’s Long Life Vehicle used by our Engineering Department for product development and testing.

Wheeler Fleet Solutions

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