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Indiana Territory Issue

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3-cent Indiana Territory single

The Department issued this 3 cent Indiana territory Sesquicentennial commemorative postage stamp through the Vincennes, Ind., post office on July 4, 1950. The central design of the stamp is a portrait of William Henry Harrison (b. 1773- d. 1841, the first governor of Indiana Territory and later the 9th President of the US) to the left and the first Capitol building to the right. Above the building, in three lines of white Gothic is "Indiana Territory Sesquicentennial 1800-1950." Directly below the building in the same style are the words "The First Capitol." Below the portrait in a ribbon ornamented with laurel leaves is the name of Harrison in dark Gothic. The words "Unites States Postage" in dark Roman appears in a single line across the lower border, with the denomination "3c" in the same style superimposed on a blue arrowhead in the lower right corner.

The stamp was printed by the rotary process in blue, electric-eye perforated, and issued in panes of 50 subjects each. The printing of 115 million copies of this stamp was authorized.

Reference: Postal Bulletin (June 13, 1950)

Jeffrie H Lovell

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