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6-cent Curtiss Jenny single

The issue of early U.S. airmail stamps coincided with the pioneer and development period of aviation and of airmail service. The post office depicted balloons, biplanes, zeppelins, monoplanes, and seaplanes on the postage stamps that would frank letters carried by those very same aircraft. As the aviation technology improved, the mail reached destinations farther and faster. The stamp designs showcased the airmail routes that they served from the early 1877 Buffalo balloon mail that relied on the wind for direction to the first U.S. regularly-scheduled airmail route in 1918 between Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City to the expansion of transcontinental, transatlantic, and transpacific routes. The stamps reflected the rate structures as the post office sought to lower costs and increase airmail usage as well as the shift from government operated services to contracts with private carriers.

Whether your interests are in pilots such as Jack Knight or Charles A. Lindbergh, aircraft such as the Graf Zeppelin or China Clipper, technology, travel and adventure, geography, or even upside-down Jennys, with airmail stamps and flown mail you can share the passion for aviation and its impact on worldwide communications. Specialists in airmail stamps and mail, also known as aerophilatelists, study rates, routes, and markings to document the development of airmail. So prepare for take off and enjoy safe landings!


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Cheryl R. Ganz, National Postal Museum

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