Donor Honor Roll 2022

National Postal Museum Society

National Postal Museum Society

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who supported the National Postal Museum Society this year.

Director’s Circle ($5,000+)

  • Mrs. MaryAnn Bowman
  • Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
  • Sonny and Kathy Hagendorf
  • Mr. Robert G. Rose
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Shreve
  • Tension Envelope Foundation
  • Edmund Truell, Truell Conservation Foundation

Postmasters ($2,500+)

  • Cary J. Frieze
  • David and Christine Sundman

Patrons ($1,000+)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gliedman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Gregory
  • Mr. Charles W. Horn III
  • Mr. and Ms. Chris and Rochelle Ryan
  • Mr. Clarence A. Stillions

Friends ($500+)

  • Jere and Bonnie Broh-Kahn

Contributors ($75+)

  • Mr. Gregory Appel
  • Ms. Karen Bertha
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lyle and Gerre Boardman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Bradley
  • Mr. David Carlton
  • Ms. Heather Collins
  • Mr. Paul Cook
  • Dr. Mary Gendernalik-Cooper and Dr. Wade H. Cooper
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cutro
  • Mr. and Ms. John and Nancy Daniels
  • Ms. Joan Fidler
  • Dr. Alan D. Friedman
  • Dr. Cheryl R. Ganz
  • Mr. Stephen Garone
  • Mr. Lawrence Guenzel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wesley and Chloe Horton
  • Mr. Stephen Hoskins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jean Hoyt
  • Mr. Edward W. Hughes
  • Ms. Rosemarie Klahn
  • Dr. and Mrs. Daniel and Marian Knowles
  • Ms. Anne Kreisher
  • Ms. Patricia Kreuzburg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Grace Mulligan Kurtz
  • Ms. Burdette Larson
  • Ms. Laura Liswood
  • Mr. and Mrs. John and Rosemary Lyon
  • Ms. Carol Macknis
  • Mr. Clifford Mestel
  • Ms. Judith Monson
  • Mr. Scott Pendleton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Alice Plett
  • Mr. Thomas Romig
  • Mr. Joe Ruf
  • Ms. Penelope Schwind
  • Mr. Michael Sefi
  • Mr. Robert Sweeney
  • Mr. Dennis Deloria and Ms. Suzanne Thouvenelle
  • Ms. Natalie Tine
  • Mr. John Underwood
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wahoski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Eva Walega
  • Mr. Adam Zaner