Donating Objects

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Wells Fargo Virginia City Pony Express Cover acquired in 2002

Offers to donate objects to the National Postal Museum are reviewed by the museum’s Collections Committee—a panel of curators and collection managers. The Committee’s approval is necessary to acquire any object for the collection. Prior to the Collections Committee review, all offers are carefully considered by the Curatorial Department.

If you believe that you own historic objects that will augment the National Postal Museum’s collection, we invite you to use the form or email address below to make a formal gift offer to the museum.  Please allow up to 8 weeks for the museum to review and respond to your offer.

The National Postal Museum does not accept unsolicited donations either by mail or delivered in person. Unsolicited donations may be disposed of at the sole discretion of the National Postal Museum.

Please do not mail or deliver objects, including objects from United States Postal Service property, to the museum. Instead, please tell us about the object you wish to donate by completing the form below. Photographs of your object should be emailed to in .jpg format.

If your object was found on United States Postal Service property, please email the USPS historian’s office at prior to filling out the form below.

Proposed Object Donation:

Please tell us about your proposed object donation either by email or by completing the below form.

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