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Kermit the Frog on a stamp

Lesson 1 Handout: Informative Parts
Lesson 1 Handout: Sample of a Cancellation Mark
Lesson 1 Worksheet: History of a Stamp and its Parts

small images in rows on two pieces of paper

Lesson 2 Handout: Acceptable and Unacceptable Subjects
Lesson 2 Worksheet: Selecting a Subject

the word Color in pink on a yellow background with an aqua border

Lesson 3 Handout: Art Vocabulary
Lesson 3 Handout: Elements of Art
Lesson 3 Handout: Principles of Design
Lesson 3 Handout: Compare and Contrast: Poster vs. Stamp
Lesson 3 Handout: Enlarged Stamp Images 
Lesson 3 Worksheet: Designing a Stamp

a scalloped border

Lesson 4 Handout: Stamp Template

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