Saints and Suggested Topics

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35 lire St. Augustine single

Saints play an important role in students’ lives and serve as role models. The lives of saints are often fascinating and courageous. The Vatican City stamps offer a wide range of saint subjects, from portraits to historical and narrative images. The study of saints and their missions allows students to better understand Christian ideals. All Saints' Day provides opportunity for the teacher to induce a discussion or study of saints through the Postal Museum’s collection of Vatican City stamps.

Suggested topics:

  • Discuss art styles used to portray saints and their missions.
  • Choose a saint whom you look up to and explain his/her historical and religious significance and explain how you could follow the path of that saint. How are his/her ideals portrayed in stamp images?
  • Select saints (up to 10) and briefly explain the role of each saint. What types of symbols or icons are used to represent those saints?
  • Assessment: Identify the saint's image and icons without using the title as a guide.