Biblical Stories and Suggested Topics

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60 lire "Flight into Egypt" single

Biblical stories teach students of God’s love, of morality, development of character, religious activities, and monumental and miraculous spiritual events. While biblical stories are often read, either alone or out loud, stamps provide visual material that allows students to observe characters and events and come to conclusion of the message behind the story. The Vatican City’s collection of biblical stories as stamps provides possibility for a variety of lessons.

Suggested Topics:

  • Choose a series of biblical stories and create an “exhibit” or storyboard that displays the different styles of art.
  • Explore cultural themes in the nativity scene stamps or Madonna and Child stamps. Questions to consider: how does each country in the original work of art use their unique cultural traits to depict the nativity scene? How do they look alike? Different?
  • Create a timeline of biblical stories.
  • Create an exhibit about Jesus and his life. Use stamps that best reflect his history, mission and actions.
  • Create an exhibit that shows how God created the world.
  • Explain the role of Madonna in the Bible and use stamps to justify your statement.
  • Choose stamps that best reflect the celebration of the Christian mystery and the history of how the celebrations, such as the Eucharist, evolved.
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40 lire "The Adoration" single
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1000 lire "Resurrection" single