Analytic Techniques III: Creating a Timeline

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800 lire "The Baptism of Christ" single
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26c "The Temptation of Christ" single
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4000 lire "The Sermon on the Mount" single

Create a historical timeline of biblical stories and write a brief narrative of each story. Students will have better memorization of biblical timelines and will be able to express their knowledge in their own words.

Analytic Techniques:

  • Read the stories of The Baptism of Christ; The Temptation of Christ; The Sermon on the Mount then look at the stamps (without titles).
  • Place the stamps in order of the stories.
  • Give supporting evidence for the stamps' order of placement.
  • What icons are used to represent each story? How did the artist re-create scenes through images rather than through text?
  • Is it possible to tell three stories in one image? How?
  • Why does the artist of the original artwork choose to represent specific biblical stories? How are they important to students’ overall religious studies?
  • Do the stories lead into specific types of Catholic liturgies? How do you think they evolved?