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National Postal Museum Councils

Several individuals donate their time and efforts to helping the National Postal Museum in various ways. Among those are the men and women who serve on the Museum's various advisory boards and councils.
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National Postal Museum Advisory Council

  • Maynard Benjamin
  • Bretta Bombac
  • Paul Carlin
  • Jackie Copeland
  • Hamilton Davison
  • Vijay Dwarapudi
  • Dennis Farley
  • George Gould
  • Danny Jackson
  • Jennifer Lynch
  • Karen McCormick
  • Pierce Myers
  • Dianne Niedner
  • John Nolan - Chair
  • Curt Novotny
  • Kevin O’Keefe
  • Anita Pursley
  • Leo Raymond
  • Ernie Rojas
  • Dion Rudnicki
  • Mark Saunders
  • Carol Stapp
  • Linda Stevens
  • Mike Toth
  • Susie Wilkening
Coordinating Committee Members

  • Patrick Donahoe (USPS)
  • Albert Horvath
  • Allen Kane (SI)
  • Richard Kurin (SI)
  • Nagisa Manabe (USPS)
Coordinating Committee Support

  • Polone Bazile (NPM)
  • Bretta Bombac (USPS)
  • Edward Rynne (SI)
  • Ted Wilson (NPM)
  • Dallan Wordekemper (USPS)
Council of Philatelists

Council of Philatelists Emeriti
Former Council of Philatelists Members

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