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National Postal Museum

Project Team:
Nancy A. Pope
Esther Washington
Mary Lawson

Educational Team:
Esther Washington
Kimberly McCray
Rebecca Singer
Lynn Heidelbaugh

Collections Team:
Ted Wilson
Mary Lawson
Bill Lommel

This website would not be possible without the assistance of each member of the National Postal Museum staff. In addition to those above, special thanks go to:

Polone Bazile
Pat Burke
Siobhan Creem
Linda Edquist

Kelly Ford
Wilson Hulme
James O'Donnell

Tim Prestridge
Patricia Raynor
Toni Williams

United States Postal Service

The National Postal Museum gratefully acknowledges the continued support and commitment of the United States Postal Service.

Special thanks to U.S. Postal Service employees Cathy Yarosky, Terry McCaffrey and Megaura Ausman.

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