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Philatelic Galleries

Philatelic exhibits are currently housed in distinct galleries at the National Postal Museum.

Due to conservation mandates, occasional rotation of objects in the museum’s galleries is mandatory. As such, objects permanently highlighted on our website may not be on display at all times. Please contact the museum directly with questions regarding specific objects on display. To arrange a research appointment to view specific items when visiting the museum, please contact the museum in advance.

Cover from 1919 NC-4 trans-Atlantic flight

View some of the rare items in the Museum's collection.

24-cent inverted jenny airmail stamp

Learn more about some of the inverted stamps in the Museum's collection.

The main philatelic gallery is used to display world class collections loaned by philatelists as well as material from the Museum's collection.

The rarities vault has featured changing exhibits of special objects from both the Museum and private collections. Among exhibits displayed in this gallery have been "The Queen's Own: Stamps that Changed the World," "The Jenny Class Reunion," a re-assemblance of 23 of one of the rarest stamps, "Down with the Frauds," a collection of extraordinary revenue stamps, and "Mail to the Chief," a collection of original drawings by Franklin Roosevelt of the many stamps he designed.

24-cent inverted jenny airmail stamp

U.S. and International Stamps

This gallery features rotating displays of world class collections of U.S. and international stamps.

The design of these galleries is undergoing review and renovation. We hope you will enjoy the improvements as we strive to display exciting new exhibits for our visitors.

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The Pichs Collection
An online exhibit featuring items from the Roberto Pichs collection of Cuban postage stamps at the San Carlos Institute (Key West, Florida)


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Philatelic Galleries

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