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The Collection

The national collection illustrates and invites research into United States philately and postal operations. It contains prestigious U. S. and international postal issues and specialized collections, archival postal documents and three-dimensional objects that trace the evolution of the postal services.

Browse the Collection

Arago: People, Postage and the Post

Arago Online Collection Database
Arago, the Museum's educational and research Web site, presents the collections in a context-rich setting with full color images and zoom-in capability.

About the Collection

Collection History
Learn about the history of the national philatelic and postal operations collection.

Collection Projects
Collection Management staff, volunteers and interns work to document, research and protect the museum's collection objects. Here is your chance to see what museum professionals are up to. Return periodically to learn about new projects.

Preservation Projects
The Preservation Office focuses on the rehousing, preservation, conservation and exhibit preparation of the Museum collection and loan objects. You can read about the current work that staff is performing. Return periodically to learn about new projects.

Collection Plan
A selective summary of philatelic and postal operations objects needed to strengthen the national collection.

Finding Guides
The Museum has created research guides for collections that are frequently accessed or that have additional research potential. These guides provide concise descriptions of the scope and content, provenance and list of materials for each collection.

On Site Research

Appointments to Research Objects
Get the information you need to schedule an appointment to see desired collection objects.

Museum Library
Contact information to schedule an appointment to see library holdings is available here.

Object Loans

Object Loans (How to Borrow Objects)
Get all the information that you will need to apply for a loan of collection objects from the National Postal Museum. You can also review collection objects that are currently on loan to other institutions.

Smithsonian Institution Affiliates Program
Learn about the Smithsonian Affiliates program and the potential opportunities to borrow and display Smithsonian objects. You can also review collection objects that are currently on loan to Smithsonian Affiliate museums.


Photograph Collections

Object Donations

Preservation and Conservation

Collection Internships

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